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  1. Hello all
    I purchased an aftermarket front beam, it had never been fitted and is in as new condition. It has adjusters welded in, the beam came with only 1 adjuster plate. Wont be a problem I thought, I'll just get another one. Little did I know how many different adjuster kits there are.
    After contacting the usual suppliers, I have had no luck in tracing the correct plate.
    I have attached images of the plate I have, if anyone out there could help it would be a great help.

    adjuster.jpg adjuster1.jpg adjuster2.jpg
  2. davidoft

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    How many teeth, roughly what size , height/ width are they , is there just an adjuster on on beam
  3. Sizes as above.
    It has adjusters on both tubes

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  4. davidoft

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    Hard to see the size of an individual tooth
  5. Good point.
    I’ve put the vernier gauge in the gap between the teeth and it measures 1mm.
    Am now thinking of trying to fab 1 out of an old (incorrect sized) adjuster. Angle grinding, hacksaw and fine filing.

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  6. davidoft

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    I have a single adjuster I’ll check it out
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  7. Cheers
    That would be great

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