Fridge specialists?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by tommygoldy, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Can anyone recommend anyone to have a look at my old Electrolux. I'm in N. London.
  2. whats up wiv it ? gas ?
  3. Not all that much I don't think but it's a bit ugly and needs at the very least a new connection for the gas hose (van has plain hose/jubilee clip connection). I couldn't get the nut off. Also not sure if it's got an ignition system... I haven't tested it but PO says it was working.
  4. do you have any caravan people near you , trub is most will condem it probably , looks like you do have an electonic ignite /thermo . cant recommend anyone but mines orig n works fine , just thermo on gas knob needed to go in a tad more to get it to ignite. Sorry im not helping am i , someone might know someone ,id say ask birdy but hes away on his hols for two weeks at mo .:(
  5. Thanks barney, no hurry at all so see if anyone else has any ideas. Maybe @Birdy will chip in when he gets back.

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