Fluer De Lys pub, Lowsonford

Discussion in 'Warwicks' started by Louey, Jan 23, 2023.

  1. Louey

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    Spent a night out in Warwickshire at the Fluer De Lys pub.

    The Fluer De Lys was the original bakery/producer of the pies you used to get in your local chippy. They still make all of their own pies - I think there are 15-20 different pies inc. GF/VE/V and the trditional Steak n Kidney or Steak n Ale.

    Good food, though I would have liked a bigger portion of veg and chips :food: and for the heating to be on - was colder in the pub than in the campervan. They had Tribute, Landlord and Abbots on tap :cheers:
    brew.jpg frosty view.jpg

    Went on a couple of walks. Beautiful scenery. especially with the thick frost on Sunday morning. Saturday went down to -5C:eek:. Our watertank froze, but luckily I filled the kettle up before we went to sleep (and turn off the heating) so there was coffee in the morning :thumbsup:.

    roltop roof.jpg
    saturday walk.jpg
    sunday walk.jpg .
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    Filling your plate with a jug of gravy is naughty. Really, what would a few more spuds cost 'em?
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  3. Louey

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    I pointed this out to them :mad: but they didn't seem to get the idea that I would have liked some more chips.

    Considering it's £15 too (I was given a voucher for my birthday).
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  5. upload_2023-1-23_20-7-34.png

    Should have, had the lamb... :)

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