Fitting solar from scratch

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by 1973daisey, Jun 22, 2017.

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    In reality it's never really bothered us.
    The sun canopy offers outdoor shade during the day and night time is not an issue.
    Where a movable panel would be useful is on those continental sites that are shaded by netting or vines.
    Just a consideration for your planning but as I say it's not generally an issue :thumbsup:
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    Borrowed an old 50w rigid panel from my Dad to have a little experiment and see if it's actually worth it.... okay, I'm hooked, April techenders we go solar [​IMG]
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  3. If you Ivan be bothered with the extra stuff being stored inside, then de-mounatable is the way to go. Solid panels, can have bus in relative shade and panels in the sun. I like not being able to worry to much about it and just turn up somewhere and it's already working

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  4. It gives a lot don't it Sarah ...... I'm just sat here with a hangover looking at my tablet/ battery

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  5. Cool thread, quite excited by all this strangely haha!!
    I figure that if we are driving about the batteries will be charged on arrival wherever we decide to stop. Wanted to make sure useage from the leisure battery and also maybe an inverter for whatever item she may need, hairdryer for instance, will use up battery power so the solar will keep the battery topped up before we then set off the next day or even a couple of days later. This is exactly what I need and will rid the need for hookup too.
    Pondering on a thin framed panel which would give good airflow through the ribs on my roof aswell as make it more stable, i.e. not blowing off in the wind!!??
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  6. This has already saved me €190 in this trip alone having no electric hook up !!

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  7. I do like my hook up for things like the heater but for main things like lighting and fridge it'll be ideal!
    Just have to take some extra blankets haha!!

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  8. Thing is with the detachable you've gotta be with the bus when you charge, I want to be on the beach or in a bar :thumbsup:
  9. @1973daisey just out of curiosity how flexible is the panel? Is it a case of it will bend if you need it to or does it just sag under its own weight? Also, are they designed to be glued down or can they be screwed/bolted provided you don't go through the cells themselves?
  10. They bend like a credit card I'd say no sagging but not sure what's inside the panel I was gonna screw down but not sure if anything in surrounding areas if I'm honest !!

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  11. You're not parked up at South of England Showground are you? Saw an identical looking bus there last night..

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    Ha ha, no that was in Cornwall last weekend, and sadly I'm now back at work.... note to self, make sure van hasn't been stolen and taken to the South of England show ground
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  13. Well I wont be fitting as my unit has been nicked as Royal mail has just sent me the proof that they delivered?
    Anyone recognize the signature ?

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  15. Dunno how to get around it either as to them it's proof, has put me off internet shopping, amazon don't want to know, neither does the supplier and Royal mail say's that's proof :(
  16. Thats ridiculous!! Feel for you, I would contact Royal Mail and ask them to speak to the person who delivered it? See if he can describe you etc? Also where were you when it was delivered?
    Bad times, infuriates me this sort of thing!!
    Hope you get it sorted mate
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    Don't give up! That's what these companies bank on. Take the Mrs monkey approach and be relentless. I had a claim rejected by Royal Mail earlier in the year. But I didn't accept that and went in for round two. They called their compensation a "goodwill gesture" to save face, but I didn't care as I got the outcome I wanted Did you pay through PayPal? Or a credit card? Either one will help you fight a case. Also, request a hard copy of that POD.
  18. Have u had a good look around and checked neighbours mate I got cctv I have so I can see ect

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  19. Good old @carlot25 found it behind an overgrown plant pot wedged between the house and porch step, no card was posted but he had one left there before, I take everything back but doubt I would have looked there as it hadn't been signed for and no clue posted.

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