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Discussion in 'Wales' started by Sunset74, Sep 18, 2023.

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    Just to say that (despite the terrible summer 2023 weather) we had two excellent weekends camping on the Gower in our 1974 T2.

    Three Cliffs Holiday park - excellent facilities and dog friendly. Occasionally steep 15 min footpath (with some steps) down to a large, sandy and fairly quiet beach (also dog friendly), Three Cliffs Bay.

    Nicholaston Farm - 5 mins further along the coast, similarly excellent facilities (but try not to get a pitch next to the road) and again about 15 mins footpath walk across dunes from the quiet end of the massive, sandy Oxwich beach. (Alternatively you can drive to the beach car park in Oxwich to get level paved access to beach, cafés etc, but be aware that it's £15 to park a T2 as it doesn't fit under the 1.8m?! height barrier and gets put off to one side with the motorhomes and any tall SUVs. Parking attendant was apologetic about this at least).

    The only snag with Oxwich is that the tide goes out a looong way. Plenty of pristine sand, but a bit of a hike to the actual water at low tide.

    Both campsites and beaches are about as good as you can get in the UK. I find the Gower is a bit easier for the T2 than Cornwall and Devon - hills less steep, roads a bit wider, traffic considerably quieter.

    Access the Gower from the west/M4 is either a bit of a slog through Swansea town centre (the Google route) or keep on the M4 and come off at J47, going cross country and so missing Swansea. I think this is more pleasant, especially if there is traffic in Swansea.

    Both campsites have loads of reviews and pictures online.

    I hope this helps someone!

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    Lovely. Just looked them up. shame it would take longer for me (SW London) than going to Devon.
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