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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Erniebus, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Can anybody recommend a decent engine builder in the North west. I have a low mileage TES engine at present that has about a foot of end float. I'm after a standard 1600 twin port ideally.

    Thanks for your help
  2. Don't know if he's any good but a guy on EarlyBay has a recon 1600 for sale at the moment in Durham.
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  4. Would you consider a trip to Middlesbrough?
    Darren is a magician and a local leg end.
    Very difficult to get hold of but worth the effort. I think he has semi retired but knows his vw's as well as his American projects and has all the kit. Lila has a 1776 built by him and she pulls like a train.
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  5. Yeah definitely if he's good I sometimes get up that way for work so might be a good shout. Thanks for the recommendation. A 1776 would be quite nice too!
  6. Can I ask what a train pulls like ? All the trains I’ve been on or driven have really poor acceleration!
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  7. Paul at LVH engines knows his stuff about VW aircooled engines. He’s near Hexham if that’s not to far away.
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    Lots of torque
  9. Is it not easier to say ‘torquey motor’
    But in reality a air cooled vw is not !
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    Nah, pulls like a train is like Marmite to blanket, much more descriptive;)
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  11. and often late, delayed or cancelled :mad:
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  12. Has anyone used air cooled engines Scotland? He seems to have a good set up and is posting nice looking builds regularly
  13. Where abouts are you?
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  14. Hi there

    Based in Cheshire but don't mind travelling for something decent
  15. I'm close by, I can ask a few questions, if that helps?
  16. Went with Paul of Aircooled engines Scotland in the end. Not installed the motor yet but he got it running on the bench and sorted all my tinware making sure everything was right. He powder coated it and got the new engine running turnkey. Really happy with the service and hope the engine is as good as it looks.
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