Electronic ignition - which package?

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  1. Hi all,
    I have an 1800 type 4 engine with twin 40's and a vintage speed exhaust.
    I'm looking at taking it off round France in the summer and I'd like to switch to electronic ignition just so its one less thing to worry about and saves me taking (more) spare parts in an effort to be a bit more 'fit & forget'. Its due a bit of a service so I'll be replacing plugs and leads anyway and don't mind keeping my existing coil as a spare.
    Can anyone recommend a kit? I'm a bit lost tbh. Powerspark do an air cooled VW electronic ignition kit with viper coil and HT leads for £79.99 although it doesn't specify whether its suitable for a type 4 motor. Compared to Pertronix ignitor 2 for £178.96 from Heritage it seems cheap and I'd still need a suitable flamethrower coil and a set of leads to go with it?
    Not sure if the price difference reflects the quality/reliability or is the powerspark a much simpler cheaper bit of kit?
    Van is in the garage on Friday to sort the clutch release bearing so whilst the engine is on the floor I'd like to get it sorted at the same time. All help appreciated!
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  2. A lot of people on here rate the 123 electronic distributors
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  3. vinnyboy

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    I’ve been running the pertronix igniter 1 with standard coil for 18 years on my type 4 :thumbsup:
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  4. vinnyboy

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    Kept the old coil and points in a bag inside the spare wheel
  5. vinnyboy

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    Got a cheap as chips Accuspark electronic dizzy on my daily driver 1600 beetle. Been on for years as well. Was about £35.
  6. It seems like people who have been running old Pertronix and Accuspark units for years never have a problem with them, unfortunately the same can't be said when fitting new ones nowadays.
    There's been lots of posts on here over the last few years of the newer units failing in a short space of time sadly.
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  7. Is the Pertronix one worth spending the extra £'s on though? Surely they come with a warranty?
    As I understand it, if I get the pertronix 2 then I need the matching coil as well. If they're that unreliable then it kind of defeats the object of not carrying a load of spares!
    I'll check out the 123 now. Thanks!
  8. From what I’ve seen/heard, all the electronic ignition kits that are available to buy now are made from poor quality chinese parts and fail very quickly. The older accuspark and pertronix ignitor 1 were good but the new equivalents are terrible. The only reliable electronic ignition system available new is the 123 distributor but it is quite pricy. I currently run the standard points and have had no issues. I just check the gap once a year and give them a clean. However I do only use my van in the summer months and only do around 3,000 miles per year. I am tempted to upgrade to the 123 dizzy though
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  9. I have the 123 + tune (with Bluetooth)
    Not cheap - but very happy with it.
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  10. Zed

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    The silly price of the Ignitor II makes the 123 a bargain when you compare what you get.
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  11. stick with points .
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    +1 :thumbsup:
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    Exactly my experience too!
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    Its cheaper to buy a basic timing gun and a set of spare points, a condenser, a screwdriver and some feeler gauges.

    Or buy a 123 and really fit and forget. A hard hot thrash and your Pertronix or other cheaper module may be converted to randomly unreliable junk.

    I managed to find "ignitor" modules on AliExpress for $1500 for 500 modules and VW fitting distributors for about $12 each...I think I was on the right track to be able to go into business as PetRonix.
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  15. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    And as most people think it's spelt like that anyway, you'd be onto a google/ebay search winner.
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  16. Second hand Lumenition over here , bought from a TLB member . I`ve had it on the van for 5+ years after a succession of Pertronix , Accuspark and the like . As soon as i fitted the Lumenition i knew it was good , the tickover smoothed out and acceleration was just seamless . I`m not saying 123s are rubbish but these are just a simple proven reliable solution ...

    10/10 for 60s technology :thumbsup:

  17. Same - albeit "only" 13 years
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