electrical burning smell in the house?

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  1. Maybe someone has been using fuses like this? (Prize for the 1st correct answer)
  2. No ones mentioned your smoke alarms yet, get a battery in at least your upstairs one, especially as you don't know what caused that smell, might have come through some conduit from somewhere else, i wouldn't sleep anywhere without one
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  3. Will isolate tonight and get some batteries tomorrow. I have been rubbish at keeping them working but no more.
  4. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Screwdriver bit and as it has a blue cable I guess it was an extension lead in the building industry.
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  5. Shocking.
    It's a hex driver thing you put in your drill/ socker set.
  6. AHA!
    just heard from neighbour... there was a fire two doors down on saturday night.... the joys of living in a terrace.
    (will still sort smoke alarms though).
    at least i've checked all my plugs now :)
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  7. the socket circuit is likely to be a ring main , this is a circular circuit where the current is spread down 2 cables

    if there is a loose wire in a socket that current now just goes down one wire

    the circuit is wired using 2 lots of 20 amp cable and fused at 32 amps

    hopefully you can now see the problem 32 down 20 does not go

    please stop checking plugs and get the wiring on this circuit checked
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  8. will ask a sparky to come check soon but seems that the smell is due to a house fire 2 doors down at the weekend. but best to be safe than sorry. i can stop sniffing all floorboards now :)
  9. Why not contact the fire service and ask them! NOT 999!!!!!

    get em in as your a weak and feeble female and need your smoke alarm checking :)D)

    They might even get their thermal imaging gear out of your lucky!
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  10. haha! think the first thing they'll say is "put a bloody battery in, yer wazzock" (they're not v polite in the midlands) :D
  11. Do you know any sparks or will you just look em up out of the book?
  12. was going to ask neighbour if he does, or ask on fb :D
    pretty sure the smell is from the fire as i've been up here all night and it has come and gone - must be from the movement in neighbours house, but will get mine checked too. :)
  13. Most fire services will send some nice young men to come and fit nice new ones for free, go on there website
  14. When I was a squatter in the 80's, 8 of us squatted the top two floors of a 4 storey Victorian Villa (a wreck with wino's and glue sniffers living in the basement).
    The main fuse was missing and we couldn't get one as only the Leccy board had them apparently.
    We twisted a load of copper wire together until it was as thick as your little finger and jammed it in place with a stick. Everyone had a 2 or 3 bar electric fire and the "fuse" used to glow green and light the hallway. It was great being young and stupid.
  15. I know a few. What part of nottm are you?
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  16. the posh bit, north! :p
  17. will see if i know anyone up that way (dont off hand!)

    you could try the 0800 no fror the fire service and discuss it with them tell them your worries and about the fire. dont see why you should have to pay for piece of mind if someones had a fire. Perhaps your insurance company might help if you have buildings cover!
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  18. thank you
    good thinking batman! will give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. buildings cover - about time that was useful, being paying it for years and not sure why. :)
  19. amazing how much better i slept knowing that my house wasn't going to burst into flames. now to get rid of the smoke smells and air everything :)

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