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  1. Anyone considering going over to ireland touring, think about joining the Eirball run. Its a charity run around both Northern Ireland and the Republic in VW campers. It is run annually, and is generally at the start of August. Throughout the run you will be with like minded folks, that really like to party, and will be able to stay in some fantastic locations that wouldnt otherwisebe an option.

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  2. join us on the crumball rally ;) its a biggun but will be a guddan...

    def doing ireland at some point i've never been before and have vowed to do it in molly x
  3. Just had a look at your other post, looks like fun, not this year though, with a 6 month old:confused:
  4. Rez


    This year it will be from 10th - 18th August. It would be great to see a few TLBers come over for this years run. Most campsites are donated free of charge as the run is for charity so you'd only need to budget for petrol, food and beer. Any member on here is free to pm me for more info and I'll do my best to help you out as much as possible with travel arrangements etc. as possible.
  5. is it possible to do a few days of the run, or do you have to sign up to the whole shindig?
  6. I saw this few years ago in Camper and Bus and it looked great. I can't make it but I hope you a goodun

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