Dungeness, Kent

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  1. Heading off to Dungeness on Monday for a bit of photography. Want to try out the new camera with some long exposure images. This one is from the last time I was there.

  2. That is awesome! Nice composition!!!
  3. Wow great!
  4. Wonty and 75tintop, thank you for you kind comments, very much appreciated.
  5. Had a great day photographing Dungeness in Kent. One of the pics taken, "Let Sleeping Boats Lie".

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    That first picture is just beautiful.

    Karma for relaxing me after a hectic day in work.

    We've always dreamed of going to Dungeness. Mainly to see Derek Jarman's garden. It's now definitely on the list of camping spots for 2013...possibly Easter as it'll take us a week to get there from Liverpool!
    While you are there could you let us now if you find any campsites that are half decent and really close to the beach?
  7. The sky in the second picture is stunning just stunning!! Nice work fella!
  8. It is worth wondering around Dungeness. You can see Derek Jarman's garden but it is quite small. A lot of the gardens have items that have been found on the beach! A friend camped in the car park by the old Dungeness lighthouse and was not moved on and he said the cafe did a good breakfast. We have stayed at this camp site in the past and found it to be very good: Canterbury Camping and Caravanning Club Site, Bekesbourne Lane, Canterbury, Kent, CT3 4AB. There is a bus into Canterbury that stops near the camp site. We have also stayed at a site in Pevensey which is a bit further away but just across a quiet road to the sea.
  9. Theirs sometimes a purple heron their , urm yes purple HeRoN. Small campsite at romney marsh, cant remember name at mo but beach ones?? camber?? Rye/ winchelsea is nearer than pevensey, not sure bowt fires on them though??
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    Great shots and in black and white , its the way to go
  11. Like the pics :) Derek Jarmans garden is "interesting" doesn't need much imagination :)) Norwood Farm at Newchurch is a good spot to stay ...about 10 to 15mins run time to Dungeness.
  12. Great photos, Dungeness is certainly a surreal world.

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    damn cant see the pics as at work but dungeness is awesome. i lvoe going there for pics
  15. Dungeness is a fantastic place for pics Anna, from the last trip I have had two images in flickr's top 10 on explore! Here are a few more from the last visit.



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  17. Great pictures - really atmospheric. Would love to go there (can't believe I've never been, having grown up in Kent!).
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    :) :) Dave, it looks like you have given some of us inspiration to have a latebay meetup in dungeness next year!

    Please keep the photos coming to keep me going through the winter months.
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    Lovely photos :) I love the one of the lone fisherman :)

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