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  1. Can't recommend Jason at Dubs and classics enough. http://www.dubsandclassics.com/

    Only had the bay 6 months and he's welded in rear seat belt points, checked it over, fitted some t2d shocks, sorted my sloppy gear change etc etc.

    What I really like is the honesty, the simple bits of extra fettling he'll do if he sees something, like just happens to see the fan belts a bit loose and will tighten up and after all that doesn't stiff you. I've seen some nice motors in his shop lately including a Porsche 912, an immaculate trekker and of course my bay :)

    Anyway he's just fitting a recon box and doing a bit of welding for me so don't rush all at once as I'm first in line but credit where credits due, he's good!
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  2. I saw your bus there the other day. :)
    Jason is as you describe - solid honest geezer, works hard. :thumbsup:
  3. Picked my van up tonight. In the short time ive had it,dubs and classics have transformed the driving experience of it and I was not disappointed driving it home aft is latest bit of work with a nice recon gearbox. Have to thank the cogbox as well, excellent service.

    Jason also sorted my engine with a little bit of tinkering and she now pulls lovely and I can even use 4 at speeds of less than 50! Which I couldn't before. Like I said before its all the other thoughtful things he does like this time he solved a wiring issue I had plus a couple of other little jobs that I hadn't noticed and didn't even charge me for it. I won't go into prices but suffice to say you won't fine anyone as competitive for such proven experience. On my van alone he's solved the rear seatbelt issue for the kids, the bottoming out, the braking or lack of, sloppy gear change and some little niggles I know the last owner couldn't get resolved or detected by they're so called expert. Anyway I'm making myself a bit sick with all this praise, not my style to be honest but anyway I'm done for a bit so get yourself down the shop before the summer. Ps I fine he better to get hold of by text as the workshops a bit noisy. Cheers.........
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  4. Just picked the van up again from Dubs and Classics after some more work.....does it ever end??????? :) Anyway heating system all sorted and wife happy, more great work...thanks :)
    I was admiring a nice bay getting resprayed there after being stripped and welded. If its yours its looking good!
  5. Thanks .....again for fitting me in at short notice and not ripping me off :)
  6. I was just about to start a thread asking "anybody used dubs and classics"?

    @robcod have you ever used them for any paint/body work?
    I'm looking around the local area at body shops etc for quotes, haven't contacted them yet though.
    Their pictures look really good and they are close, so I'm swaying towards them.
  7. Yep I've been to his workshop on quite a few occasions when Jason's sprayed vehicles. I've been impressed and I'd like them to spray mine in a couple years once I've sorted the other bits. The great thing is he knows his stuff on campers and he's really reasonably priced and honest. Worth a quote at least :)

    I think he may even have a truck to pick your camper up.
  8. Ooh thanks! Looks like I'll be taking a trip over there soon.
  9. i always text him first as Jason doesn't normally hear the ringing over the noise of the workshop ;)
  10. Don't suppose you wo
    Never mind.. Found it on the website lol
  11. Thanks for making me a nice engine J. Shame that other so called engine builder couldn't supply a proper one in the first place :(
    So not only can i recommend dubs and classics for bodywork, now i can recommend him for engines :)
  12. Thanks for the info, it been looking around for a good VW camper specialist for a while now!
  13. 72wilma

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    Another :thumbsup: for Jason. Thoroughly nice man, texted him Sunday (yesterday) to ask if he could look at Wilma's starter motor as we we're having problems (the start of a little Norfolk jaunt) and he replied straight away. Popped round this morning and he got he sorted. Wouldn't take anything for his time but we insisted. Nice bloke.
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  14. Wish he'd hurry up and fit me in for some new outriggers. I asked him saturday to do it and I'm still waiting. I hope he won't take anything for it. He's not a bad bloke though. Glad you're all sorted.
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  15. Another big big thank you for some excellent work yet again. Can't believe there aren't more people posting on here about them considering how many restored vans I see going through it whenever I pop in. Just had a scary amount of welding done including sills both sides, outriggers, top hat section needing some floor cut out, windows related including a rail rebuilt. I'd like to of done it myself but seeing it done properly I realise some things are worth paying for. Anyway onto the interior next and full respray later on. Good job, highly recommended, even got collected and driven to the workshop to pick it up, handy being near the railway station too.
  16. That was quick. :) Nice to meet you, seems like just the other day!
  17. And you too zed. You did a really lovely job of your van wish I'd spent more time looking round it. Looks like I will need to take some tips from you on upholstery next
  18. :eek: Not me guv, I'm just winging it and providing encouragement for other to have a bash. :thumbsup:
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  19. Picked Flo up from Dubsandclassics this evening. In for new fuel tank breathers. Old ones looked original and were in a terrible state. Not only did Jason fit me in quickly he completed the job quickly and for less than the estimate. Very happy to have found a decent VW specialist close to home :)

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  20. Filled up twice today and no fuel smell. Job well done.

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