Dominic Cummings

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  1. I don't like to see anyone from the top table getting the sack especially in these testing times but rules are rules, so come on man you got caught so lychee off before Boris kicks you out:mad:

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  3. He's an embarrassment to the government who does he think he is, I shall be writing an Email to my MP today:p
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  4. Remember to use a quill it really helps to emphasize the anger in a letter.

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  5. For those who have given up watching any news, whats he done?
    And who is he?
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    He drove to his parents house during the lockdown so that they could look after his kids while he and his wife self-isolated. I think he should be shot.
  7. He’s been outed as being a complete bellend.

    Caught covid, so decided to drive 200 miles to drop his kids off at his parents house so they could look after them.
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  8. Snap
  9. Facepalm time....‍♂️
  10. Gotta go!

    Bojo can do fine without him. Probably better actually.
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  11. He's the puppet master telling all the Muppets in government what to do.
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  12. So he was happy to pass the virus on... his parents...:eek:
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  13. Bozo(Nero) needed somebody to sit in all the cobra meetings while he was sorting his divorce out so he could announce getting his bit on the side pregnant before she actually gave birth.
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  14. Yes. And risk everyone else on the journey when he stops for fuel, takes the kids for a pee in the service station etc.
  15. So, if his parents had lived around the corner, would it have been ok ?
    It appears that they thought that they may both come down with the virus and had a small child and decided to get the child away to safety....evacuation if it helps the older Londoners understand.
    Is that wrong?
    The fact that his job takes him miles from home, muddies the waters ... but fundamentally I think many parents would have done the same...I know that I would.
    Even Naga and Charlie were ( sort of ) defending him.
    Politics at its worst....but I'm not sure politics has a good side anymore.
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  16. This comment seems to be a regular theme....surely if a risk was deemed, then the facilities mentioned wouldn't be open.
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  17. Petrol stations have to remain open, key workers have needed fuel for their vehicles all through the lockdown.

    The rules are really very simple. If you have symptoms of coronavirus then stay at home.

    you wonder why there’s so many deaths in care homes when they’ve been on lockdown for so long? It’s because it’s being brought into places by the staff. Having mr Cummings coughing on some poor care worker whilst she’s queuing to pay or having him handle the petrol pump after he’s just sneezed isn’t going to help one bit.

    all environments where people interact carry a risk. The trick is to mitigate that risk by using proper hygiene and staying at home if you have symptoms.
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  18. So they both had symptoms they put a small child in a confined space of a small car then take that child 250 miles to elderly parents to be looked after and you think that was a sensible thing to do and you would of done the same I know I wouldn't take that chance
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  19. PIE


    A lot of people have been waiting for this chance, the usual suspects have all been live from their kitchins on breakfast TV, Blackford just fell short of rubbing his hands together.
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  20. I started this thread and I am a Tory, this is not a political thing this is someone advising the government on the virus then doing the exact opposite he must go
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