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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by 72wilma, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    TLB members get 10% discount if you shop online. Just enter the code Latebay10

    Their website is on the sponsor bar on our homepage

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  2. nice one :)
  3. @NLAVWParts Just tried this (entered into the voucher box on payment screen) having gone through the registration process and got a big red error
    "There is 1 error. You cannot use this voucher with these products"


    Is this still relevant or what are the qualifications in terms of product coverage?
  4. 72wilma

    72wilma Moderator

    With club specific discounts its often best to phone your order in
  5. Ok will do.
  6. NLAVWParts

    NLAVWParts Sponsor

    Sorry for the slow reply, I have been snowed under with a few issues and that should not be viewed as an reflexion on NLAVW as I only do the online promotions as a part time thing.

    There should be no reason why the discount code shouldn't work across the board, as far as I am aware. I will see if there is any issues now. As has been mentioned above, if you do have anycissue s please do give us a call and we will do what we can to assist and resolve your problems
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  7. No probs. Phoned up and got got great service and when the items arrived next day they were excellent.

    Wrt your website I gave the full error msg so the IT nerds should be able to track down the problem and I also tried the code in lowercase, uppercase, Camel case etc...

    Many thanks.
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  8. @NLAVWParts I have just had same error code as @Cov1987 when trying to order on line and use the code "latebay10":( Also, the system was trying to charge me postage on an order over £50. I am happy to call in the morning, but these issues with your "shop window" are frustrating to say the least:mad:
  9. NLAVWParts

    NLAVWParts Sponsor

    We are sorry for the issues you have experienced. We have been looking at this recently and I have to admit it is amreal head scratcher but I think we have resolved the issues.

    If you do ever run into issues we are more than happy to offer the same discounts over the phone on 01789 722658.

    Sorry once again
  10. NLA discount still doesn't work really anoying
    You would think these guys would have sorted 6 plus months later
  11. Worked for me, bought a new pop top canvas last week, delivered today.
    I a bit away from fitting so hope it's ok when the time comes.
  12. I will ring them tomorrow thanks
  13. I didn’t know we had a discount.:( I placed an order a few weeks ago for some door catches and tie backs, order value was more than £80 but I still had to pay £10 carriage (to France) and the discount would have almost paid for it. I was going to order door edging too but I need to save up first, good quality products but not cheap.

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