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Discussion in 'Discounts for TLB members' started by hailfrank, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. hailfrank

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    Coming soon

  2. has the discount come yet?
  3. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    not officially but if you call them I’m sure they will do something
  4. the guys at JK Australia people who don't care and are not nice to deal with.
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  5. Just had an email with this code: 10-OFF-JK-VOLKSWORLD

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  6. Heritage doing similar :thumbsup:...

    "The Heritage team are very excited to be heading to the Volksworld Show this weekend, but we are also a little bit sad that you won’t all be able to join us.

    So, to make sure that all our customers feel the show love, we’re giving you 10% OFF sitewide* until Monday 21st March.

    Simply use the code VOWO2022 at the checkout.
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  7. MAINTENANCE-SAVE-10 Due to a current website upgrade
  8. My basket and wishlist have been emptied during this maintenance :(
    There were bits in there I now need that took me ages to find.
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  9. Zed

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    Most of these places certainly used to discount to anyone who used the phone and merely asked for a discount, I don't know if that's changed but it always worked for me.
  10. I deal with them in Australia bought heaps off them, never had a problem. I think most problems are the post these days, not like it used to be.
  11. Do they sell different parts down there? The problems I’ve had with JK haven’t been due to delivery but what they have delivered – or not delivered.

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