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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by hailfrank, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Phoned up this morning declined straight off because I live in Merseyside. I would also be declined if I lived in Greater Manchester or Congleton, why?

    This is an absolute disgrace no insurance companies have ever declined insurance based on where I live, classic or new extensively modified vehicle.

    If their argument is that vehicles are statistically more at risk from being stolen in conurbations than in rural areas then DUH! there are more people, more vehicles in built up areas.

    This is after 20 years of driving and owning numerous vehicles, never claimed against my insurance. My car is parked off road, camper in garage,alarmed, immobiliser and tracked. Did they want to know that? NO

    Back to Herts then

  2. I've got get my insurance sorted out. Sounds like I'm gonna have fun!
  3. Thats a Disgrace!
    Are they allowed to do that?
    I'm using peter james insurance and couldn't be happier,
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    I suppose it depends on who (and how many) underwriters they have, but yes, it's a disgrace
  5. Refused, reason? I live in Swansea, pmsl :chewie:
  6. Was going to get a quote, dont think i'll bother going by the feed back.
  7. I got a quote from these guys, cheap at £147.... but when I wanted to go ahead:

    First the phone rang and rang, no-one picked up
    Eventually got through to someone who "doesn't deal with classic vehicles, sorry you have come through to the wrong department"
    Call transferred to hold. Waited and waited, eventually hung up.
    Called again, classic insurance department? Yes! Oh, this person "doesn't deal with new business only renewals" :mad: "someone will call you back". No-one did :mad::mad::mad:
    Called again yesterday, same again "I don't do new business...."

    Gave up after that, this is me trying to give them money, God knows what would happen if you want to get money in the event of a claim!!
  8. CVI - Hi I phoned today camper on driveway quote was 30% cheaper than Just Kampers .
    Fully comp agreed valuation and salvage rights all for less than £100.☺☺
  9. I tried cherished this week for mine, countless calls that either got cut off straight away or went unanswered.
    Load of arse biscuits.
    Been on to Jeremy vine today about it, radio 2 , anybody hear me.? They're going to regret not having me on their books as I always ask for the most expensive quote they can offer.
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  10. They knew not to pick up ... dont insure scrap buses with no engines and prefer Rich Tea not **** biscuits
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  11. My bus is actually a machine of desire, a few weeks ago I found a note under the wiper saying how great it is and could the person buy it :D:p
  12. I left that note ... glad it made you feel good :thumbsup:

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