Cruise to ninove March 14th Belgium

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    You need some kind of lift!
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  2. Well, I'm in Belgium.
    It is completely disordonned. We are 11.000.000 inhabitants, 4 regions, 3 official langages, 5 (yes 5 ) governements and 9 ( yes 9 ) ministers of health.
    Every area make is own rules. I just read the city of Knokke ( seafront side) self decided of a local lock down.
    How ridiculous?
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  3. Belgium has even more regional politics than the UK.
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  4. Belgium is a kingdom.
    We have;
    A federal governement.
    A governement for the French side, mainly leftist/liberal.
    A governement for the Dutch side, on the far right.
    A governement for the few German spoken Belgians.
    And a world premiere, a governement for our capital area, mainly green leftist.
    And not federal governement for more than a year now...
  5. Haha, I've had a tour of Leuven from a local, fascinating history.
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    It’s a shame it’s been cancelled, expected. But still a shame.
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  7. I planned to get there with my 6 years old son and a few friends. I'm also disappointed.
    On the other hand, I'm watching the French President and wait for our government to communicate about that, they clearly qualify the situation as a war against the virus. Closed schools, cinema, etc etc.
    Macron talked about a period of weeks, if not months, before being back to a safe situation. He expected changes in our way of live in the future...
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    Sorry to hear it's cancelled.
    I was hoping to go as previously posted so bittersweet for me.
    Sorry to all you guys planning on going, with the work you have put in.
    Maybe catch up with you all next year.
    Keep your peckers up. :thumbsup:
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