Cruise to ninove March 14th Belgium

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  1. I'm another 2+ hours North of Carlisle :(
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  2. It’s only 220 miles for me most the driving is this side Iv been to jabecke camped ther it’s 1 hour off ferry and Brussels 1 hours past 100 miles I’d say over there each way

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  3. I did a quick search as my good friend Mr I-cant-weld managed to get himself on the sponsors list a couple of years back despite not actually sponsoring anything, so was wondering if the organisers had kicked him into touch .....
  4. Fair distance then.
  5. Better option for you no maybe a ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam, then drive to Ninove.

    Ferry price may be reasonable at that time of year?
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  6. Yes, or even Hull, makes sense, but then no cruise :(
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  7. Couldn’t you call the Hull to Zeebrugge ferry a cruise?
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  8. Well, yes, hmm, possibly, have you ever taken that ferry?
  9. I did Zeebrugge back to Hull in the Summer. I enjoyed it. 12hours though
  10. I went last year. Sailed from Hull on Friday night . Slept/parked up over night in Ninove railway station .
    Loads of people get there on Friday and park up on the streets with no issues .
    Saturday is the oggle at the vehicles day .
    Make way home on Sunday.
    Quite an expensive journey for the one day so thinking of going Thursday this year and go home Monday .
    I certainly recommend the trip if for the autojumble alone
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  11. Many times, and Rosyth to Zeebrugge when it was running.
  12. Shame about that one :(
  13. Certainly is, it was less than two hours from home when I was living in Banchory.
  14. There is a Facebook page for this event but I find it almost awkward page to get information from .
    Last year all met up at a service station in Belgium . There were around 100 be vans of all description . Then without any warning all set off at once for a short ride to the brewery . Spent an hour or 2 at the brewery but be warned parking is difficult there but manageable and may mean a short walk back to the brewery simply because of the large number of vehicles . Then onto the town itself 300 yards away .park up anywhere for the night ready for Saturday.
    I left my van in train station carpark as its nothing worth looking at but most were around town having being organise into type by who and when I don't know.
    If anyone going this year would be good to meet up in train station car park ?
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  15. Was less than half an hour from me...would be perfect.
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  16. How much was the return ferry at that time of year please?
  17. Think it was £270 for a campervan and 2 people
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  18. I paid £752 return in May for an MGB, including club class cabin and prepaid meals for two people.
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  19. The hull to zebruge frrry we meet up with in jabecke

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  20. £270 plus fuel, still quite spendy.....
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