Cruise to ninove March 14th Belgium

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  1. Ok guys as u al know I allways book up a jolly at volksworld but new company take over and it’s just gone pants so here is the new jolly boys outing as we spoke about!!

    We will be staying on sea front at Dover Friday night it’s free outside premier inn stayed there loads of times yes it’s March so wouldn’t recommend the moaning things (I mean kids and wife ) then getting the 06:50 or 1 before when full to then meet up and cruise over into Belgium meeting up with the north cruise as they r getting ferry to zebrugge and then a brewery and onto ninove for a jolly up

    We’re calling it the Tlb YORKIE tour as yes it’s in March yes it’s gonna be cold and yes omg there is gonna be salt on the road and yes probably even snow but I myself drive and use my bus all year round and it’s not a show pony so no need to book anything just book ya tunnel and let me know we’re meet up on sea front or again convoy down as I live in Worcester and picking up Craig in Swindon

    “Oh and yes pack plenty of beer and wine ur gonna need to keep warm

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  2. Razzyh

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    what train times there and back?
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  3. Hmmmm ....
    Very interesting....
    Should be easier for @nicktuft than Sandown !!

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  4. This post is so confusing, is it stay on Dover sea front Friday night and ferry over on Saturday morning? Or is it tunnel?

    And why isn't Craig in Swindon driving his own bus? Is he scared it'll rust away!!
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  5. Sorry were staying on sea front Friday booked tunnel from folkstone it’s not far Craig’s is driving his bus

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  6. Iv booked it now

    This is what iv booked can come back when u want but I fancy a few nights out on the razz maybe even night out in Brussels Sunday who knows

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  7. paul2590

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    Unless I’m Skiing

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  8. Volksworld is getting a bit same same now and @Lasty never goes to the bar costing me to much so fort if I go abroad he still won’t go to the bar but least it’s cheaper than the gin he drinks bloody fairy

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  9. paul2590

    paul2590 Supporter

    I’m giving Volksworld a miss .....

    Steady he’s a Yorkshire man , sorry Person

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  10. Same some ones more than welcome to do a line up just fancy a change as we all said this year

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  11. 77 Westy

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    It says he’s staying on the sea front at Calais Friday night in a free Premier Inn then getting a 06:50 tunnel Saturday morning to meet with the ferry at Zeebrugge. It’s in March, no need to book anything, you need to book a tunnel but apparently that’s nothing.

    You might also need a visa, international driving licence and green card insurance, but Boris is sorting that.
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  12. Thanks for ur input !!
    Fixed miss print
    Any brexit stuff will sort out if required
    Nothing needs booking In ninove

    Oh thanks for helping

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  13. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Don’t forget your E111’s for health insurance:)
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  14. and proper insurance!
  15. F_Pantos

    F_Pantos Supporter

    Been wanting to do Ninove and the UK cruise for years now, but it's a chuffing long way from where I am based :(
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  16. Welcome to stay at mine before if u like I’m half way in Worcester

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  17. Dub and Dubber

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  18. nicktuft

    nicktuft Supporter

    Sounds like a good vibe show so count me in.

    What's the form. Meet up somewhere, go in convoy via a vetting gate and park up together in some sort of formation in the city.
    Anything to pay? Entrance fee...any camping nearby etc.
    No hurry will check it out.

    Nice one @1973daisey .
    Chimay here I come....:beer:
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  20. Everywhere is a bloody long way from here. 400 miles to the tunnel. :eek:
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