Couple of pics fromt he last week

Discussion in 'Photography' started by anna@vwheritage, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. anna@vwheritage

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  2. Cool pics, I think the clouds make the first shot more interesting :)
  3. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor

  4. Nice sky.... 8)
  5. Poptop2

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    nice shots Anna :)
  6. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor

    Thankyou guys.

    Got a bonfire event to shoot tonight :) hopefully get some nice firework shots
  7. Tuesday wildchild

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  8. With the water shots a few tips if I may...

    Get level with the water line for a better droplet effect and get that flash on. A nice strong flash will really brighten up and help freeze the action. An off camera flash from the side would finish it off.

  9. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor

    I do have a off flash camera but these shots arnt really my thing im not very good at them.

    No more shots for me anyways as the bloody camera is broken
  10. anna@vwheritage

    anna@vwheritage Sponsor

    camera fixed!!!
  11. Trust me the water ones are really easy when you get the hang of them, very quick shutter speed, flash and put it in continuous mode so you take loads of shots very quickly. Oh, and if you have a remote to take the photo so you don't touch the camera so much the better!

    I just tried to find a few I've done but they aren't on this laptop...So you'll have to make do with a horse I took in the New Forest!

  12. dog


    love that star pic, and as dubweiser says, i think the clouds add interest :thumbsup:

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