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  1. Been down yesterday to see Peter at Cogbox. Have to say if anyone is thinking of having their gearbox refurbed/ overhauled then he’s certainly the guy for the job.
    Appreciate it’s costly but he doesn’t charge Vat and it’s still a decent price for the piece of mind.
    Collected yesterday, gave me all sorts of advice and a full run down on what was wrong with the box before he did the work so all in all I’m a happy chappie!!
    Anyway, recommending him for an amazing job and it’s one part of the bus I’ve been wanting to get done for sometime now.
    Finally after it’s installed next week I can start doing some bloomin miles! :thumbsup:
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  2. So what was wrong with the box before being rebuilt?
  3. it would be interesting to hear what actual work has been done on your gearbox
  4. Hi Ray, when I delivered it he showed me the ring and pinion and said it looked good. He explained that everything would be stripped down, cleaned, checked over and the box rebuilt.
    It needed a new clutch operating shaft and as there had been an issue with the clutch previously some of the gears needed replacing. He said it was one of the easier gearboxes he’s worked on so I think that meant there wasn’t a lot wrong with it. If however I had stuck it in without having the overhaul I’d have been taking it out again by now and also may have caused more damage possibly.
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  5. Hi @nobody i think I pretty much covered it in the Razzyh post. Main thing for me is it’s been done by someone who I can go back to within a reasonable distance and that has a reputation for doing gearboxes. I know we spoke and in no way am I judging anyone else’s skills but since being stuffed over in 2014 and not using the bus a lot because of the issues I really needed the piece of mind. Peter has explained, I appreciate not in photographic detail, everything he’s done on the box and for now, touch wood, it’s good enough for me lol.
    The clutch issue he’s found had caused damage to a few of the parts within the box, he’s sorted all that now and I’m looking forward to getting it installed this coming week.
    Feeling like I can finally see the light and can’t wait to get some miles done :thumbsup:
  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Is it installed yet?
    I always think it a bit odd when people recommend a place without “trying their wares” so to speak!
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  7. It's like when you hear folks say....Ohh it whines a bit but it gets me there will whine more if you leave it to long when it comes to the repair bill .
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  8. I hear you, nope it’s going in on Thursday. I’m sure it’ll be fine as Cogbox has a very good reputation. I’m sure if there’s anything wrong with it then I can contact him.
  9. Thankfully nothing major wrong then

    Now get it fitted and enjoy your van.

    Did you go for a longer 4th?
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  10. For sure! I’m not gonna go on about what happened again but I ended up with a noisy 1600 box and with a 2ltr engine its never been right.
    Saving the money to get this done has been the main issue especially with so many of us having so much else going on.
    Pleased to say, it’s rebuilt, I have the guarantee and all I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the service I’ve recieved.
    As you say I’m sure there’s other out there who’ve got issues with the gearboxes so it lends a hand to hear others comments? :):thumbsup:
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  11. Nope, kept it stock mate. I’m sure I’ll enjoy sitting at lower rpm with the standard gearing on the dual carriageway. All I need to do now is make the bus more aerodynamic and not so much like a crisp packet in the wind haha!!
  12. So how much ;-)
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  13. 2ltr 091 box overhaul cost me £780
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  14. this is just the cost of rebuild rather then gearbox itself?
  15. Yes fella, I’ve edited it as overhaul cost, obviously different gearboxes, different price :thumbsup:
  16. Agree completely with you there.
    Rebuilt mine about ten years ago, no problems since.
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