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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by anna@vwheritage, Oct 17, 2011.

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  2. :hattip: next you will be telling us we can get a phone thing we can carry round in our pockets without need for a cable :-
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    yes you can still get discount in the shop.

    Some of you may already have discounts from previous orders so you could already be set up on the discount code.

    Like i said pm me with your e mail address if you find it doesnt work or change the price and i will get IT to change your account over manually

    Once you have done it once everytime you log in you will be already set up to recieve the discount so shouldnt need to use the code. Providing you log in before doing your order
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    msg from IT

    If you are not logged in the process goes like this:

    1. Enter code
    2. You are taken to log in screen
    3. You login, then you go back to basket automatically
    4. The code is there in the input box and is applied when you click 'Proceed To Checkout'

    If you still get stuck pm me :)
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    mine all arrived today and the discount code works as well, just thought i'd bump this thread for the newbies who hadn't seen it.
  7. Anna - great work!

    Can I make a request that VWH set up some kind of online ordering system / but with the ability to 'quickly' collect from the warehouse?

    I get really frustrated some times when going up on a Sat and having to queue for 30 mins to get served - even when there are just 2 people in front of me ...

    I'd love to order and pay on-line and have it ready to collect quickly and go ...
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  10. Damn i've only just seen this thread and I ordered yesterday lol, must remember for next time :)
  11. Hey all, just wondering, where do I find the code? I'm looking to order a CSP Python exhaust from VWH and any discount would help.
    - Doug :)
  12. I've just seen this code from the T4 forum and it works on Heritage 95191
    Gave me £7 off wahey
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