Chichester Lakeside - one to avoid at all costs

Discussion in 'West Sussex' started by Reilly, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Stayed here for one night a couple of weeks ago, having spent the day at Goodwood and intending to explore places like Arundel the following day - one night was more than enough.
    Had a tent pitch at the side of the camping field that is literally a few metres away from the A27 (separated by a single hedge!!!!!), which must be the busiest road in the whole of the UK judging by the noise and the fact that traffic was 24/7. Can't believe we actually PAID to sleep by the side of the road. Not only was it impossibly noisy so that we couldn't sleep a wink, but it's also downright dangerous, any car or lorry could easily veer off the road and plough into anyone pitched along this hedge. We left at 6am, and have since asked the campsite for a refund, but have been ignored, so have posted this review to Trip Advisor and UK Campsite, and would urge anyone thinking of camping here to CHANGE THEIR MIND and GO ELSEWHERE.
    Oh, and I had a shower in the evening, and I didn't really appreciate the fact that the floor of the shower cubicle was slippery because of the grime. Gawd knows what I might have caught from that floor. Ew.
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    Could you post a link or address to confirm its identity?
  3. I stayed there a few weeks back with my daughter.
    I didn't think it was too bad personally, after a while you get used to the motorway noise. It has a nice little outside swimming pool but the kids play park is a bit poo.
    it cost me £19 for the night with electric hook up plus you get entertainment in the bar from a cheesy DJ and then a live singer.
    We are going back soon for a couple of nights with our club.

    heres the link to the site
  4. Here's where we were pitched, courtesy of Google Earth. All the electric hook up pitches are along this hedge = unacceptable noise, and danger (the campsite was full and there was no option to move to another pitch on the other side of the field, where the noise was just about palatable).
  5. Agreed. Not a suitable location to camp.
  6. I think my friends stayed here, I'm not 100% sure it's the same site, but she did say it was practically on the a27!
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    Presumably you raised your safety and noise concerns with the site before leaving?
    If you only contacted them for a refund after you left, you're unlikely to get anywhere.

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