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Discussion in 'Useful Links' started by Rich83, Jun 27, 2022.

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  3. Poptop2

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    I can’t remember the maximum height to get one under the spare wheel on the near side tray. I’ll have to have a measure up! Bookmarked that cheers :thumbsup:
  4. F_Pantos

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    Aren't the terminals the wrong way around given it's such a long battery?
  5. Poptop2

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    Probably perfect for the bay then as I’ve had to turn tall leisure batteries around to fit under the wheel well in the past :thinking:
  6. F_Pantos

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    Ah, no, didn't make myself clear enough, I think you'd need to turn this one around too, positive is on the rhs.
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  7. Poptop2

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    Yes that’s been the issue in the past. I’ve bought longer leads to get over the problem.
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  9. Betty the Bay

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    Would have thought that there are similar on ebay as cheap/cheaper and even with terminals in correct positions, with delivery to door.
    I use Tanya and can't fault service.
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  10. theBusmonkey

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    Yep, that would be the better option for most systems. The standard Flooded lead acid rather than the AGM
    What's preferable is the same leisure battery type as the common starter coz when you link them via split charge etc it's better to have same chemistry and charge profile types.

    Those both may be a bit tall for an un-modified battery area and the terminal thing would need dealing with but a great price on both it would seem.
    No note about warranty but that's a hard thing to get from a battery supplier anyway:rolleyes:

    Edit GoOutdoors charge to have a card don't they. We did many years ago but stuff wasn't working out any cheaper so let it lapse
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  11. Yes you're correct about the charging profiles. AGMs look like then need over 14.v to charge which my system wouldn't do. I'll take some measurements and see if the other would fit.

    Also correct on the card. Its a fiver per annum. Not sure I can buy it in store but looks like a 3 day wait if not.

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