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  1. Does anyone have or know where I can get Vw solex 32-34 duel carbs for type 4 engine or any suggestions for something similar that might work
    Thanks in advance
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  2. Milky

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    Buy a set of ICT webers from Eurocarb .Simple , good spares availability and easy to maintain.
  3. Agree with Milky.. that's what I've just done, runs a dream. Think the OEM carbs are great when in goog condition, but as soon as they start to wear, the bus will never run right.
    Got quoted £740 to rebuild my OEM solex.. bought a new pair of weber ICTs for less than that.
  4. Make sure you have decent inlet manifolds. Many say that the cheap Chinese made ones can be problematic with webers.
  5. Milky

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    Where are you based ? . If local (Oxfordshire and Berkshire border ) you are more than welcome to come and look at my bus and see the set up . I went for the Weber ICTs , CB manifolds , filters and linkage set all from Eurocarb and recently fitted a low pressure Huco pump with safety cut off relay . Jetting wise I followed wayoutwestie advice and my engine sounds really crisp and revs nicely although yet to try it out on the road to see how she pulls .It's going to cost a few £sss for all the bits but definitely worth it .
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  6. Mike at Wayoutwestie sells kits that are pre-jetted etc. ready for installation. Shop - wayoutwestie
  7. Gower & Lee come to mind. No idea if still around.
  8. Milky

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    I went the long way round and brought carbs etc from Eurocarb with approximate jetting then researched up as van ran terrible and then rejetted them via Eurocarb again . Do your homework and it will pay off .
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  9. I think I have a compete set with manifolds and Air filters but no hex linkage,

    Pm me if you want pics ect
  10. Hi there,
    That would be good, could you please send me some pics over and a price please .
    Regards Dave.
  11. good advice. i've also got ict, cb manifolds, hex link and huco on a 2.0 type 4. mike initially set mine up but i've done some more work with afr gauge on getting the jetting as good as it can get - mine was rich with the jets that mike suggested initially. runs great now
  12. what jets and emulsion tubes did you go with in the end?
  13. after about 10 iterations i ended up with 145 main, 160 airs, 55 idles, 175 needles and f6 emulsion, timed at 31 (vac off, max advance, 3500rpm ish) gave me 12.8-13.2 on the gauge with wide open throttle. light throttle/cruising hovers around 14.5-15ish which is where i was aiming. drives great like this
  14. Thanks Rob.

    For those that are interested, the settings from Mike over at Wayoutwestie for a 2.0L engine are: -
    • 165 main
    • 180 air
    • 55 idles
    • 150 needles/float jets
    It's interesting that you've moved down quite a bit on the main and air.
  15. Zed

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    Main and air are a kind of "slope" for the fuelling at WOT.
    It would be interesting to get AFR at different revs at WOT as you accelerate and compare the two jettings.
    Do you have way out westy's jetting and an AFR meter?
  16. Pm sent
  17. Hi there,
    Thanks for the pictures I would prefer it if you could let me know how much you want for them please and I will let you know?
    Regards Dave.
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