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  1. I've just had the Carb re-furb'ed at a company called Carbcare, they are based in Lichfield
    seemed very helpful, told me there was a 6 week wait but its just come back in 4 weeks
    Solex 34Pict-3
    it cost £100.00 plus postage.
    photo's to follow when i get some signal !
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  2. Had mine done there......dropped them in ....proper man in a shed ( well garage ) set up....did a great job and quick turn around.
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  3. Only spoke on the phone to him, but found him a pleasure to deal with....It looks like new ! just got to get it back on and the engine back in:thumbsup:
  4. That’s a good price if it’s been properly cleaned and rebushed
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  5. its lovely and clean, although i failed to ask if it was re-bushed:thinking: he has sent a bag of old bits, and going on the phone calls with him, if it needed re-bushing he'd have done it
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  6. Chuck up a pic of the bits
  7. Before[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. After [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Bag of bits...[​IMG]

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  10. That seems like a good deal, especially as it looks like Kevin from Riverhaus isn’t doing them anymore (I had no luck getting touch with him this year by phone or email)
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  11. There’s no spindle bushes in there.

    It’s the main cause of problems with these carbs
    They wear and cause a vacuum leak which makes it hard to get the carb set up properly.
  12. Keep hold of that original float valve
    It may be still serviceable and the ones that come in the modern rebuild kits are not great.
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  13. it was all working when it came off, the local garage has set it up before and didn't have a problem, it was just weeping a bit of fuel, so hopefully they are ok, cant feel any slop in the shafts :eek:
  14. Maybe they were fine and didn’t need replacing.
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  15. fingers crossed :thumbsup:
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