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  1. Blaupunkt in name only these days - somebody bought the name. We've got a Blaupunkt strimmer, for God's sake :rolleyes:
  2. Where's the cassette player then ??
    A must for you Chas an' Dave fans out there ....

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  3. Cassettes are making a comeback!
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    Yep I read the old blue dot was bought up - explains why I am on my second unit as first one got sent back after developing faults with cd laser
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  5. Making a comeback ??
    What medication are you on ??

    They never went away

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    I still have a nice b&o century in the house playing cassettes, cd’s and a tuner - I have to say cassettes do sound really poor in comparison
    This said I love vinyl and that’s my go to ( not in a van!) but can’t beat it - cd’s for convenience and practicality
    Yep mp3, Spotify etc - it’s just not me
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  7. Blaupunkt is shocking quality now, they allow B&M to stock their TV's. Say no more......
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  8. Same with Grundig, I recall. Shut the factories down and sold the name.
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    I remember years ago I had a Peugeot 405 estate and the tape deck had Tom petty learning to fly in it and it got stuck - I must of listened to Tom a thousand times
    Still like the album - took a few years rest in between listening
  10. I made the mistake of buying a 405 just after they went into production. Didn't need a stereo, as the creaking, ill-fitting interior made enough noise on its own, accompanied by the occasional refreshing shower from the leaking sunroof...
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    In car vinyl for the win! :thumbsup:
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    I fitted a period Blaupunkt radio cassette into my 1985 911, and started trawling the charity shops for cassettes. I soon got fed up of the few unmangled tapes I could find that I liked, and fitted a modern, but all black, Sony from Halfords. I must eBay the Blaupunkt, I paid a lot for it from a collector in Eastern Europe.

    The bus now has an identical unit, and I play music from my mobile telephone via the medium of blue teeth.
  13. I fitted a no-brand chinese single DIN with a motorised touch screen (cost circa £100 some years ago). I've added a reverse camera to it, and it plays DVDs which entertains the kids from time to time. My only complaint is that the internal amp is pretty weak so it doesnt make my speakers tump like the old Sony unit before it did. It doesnt have nav, and if I were buying now I'd like at an android auto (apple carplay if you're a sheep) version so I could pull up Google maps etc.
  14. I've exchangeable radios:
    - classic radio for car shows (Blaupunkt Frankfurt) that still works with 3 FM broadcasting stations
    - for travels a new radio with SD card, bluetooth, hands free telephone support and 2x stereo output (Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    But the last/new one is nearly dead after 14 years - 3 continents with deserts and ice - display partly fails and no longer saves all settings :oops:
    I'm now looking for an unobtrusive, modern replacement - unfortunately, some only have USB and no SD card, which used to store all of my music.
    Some new in this size are only available for 24V for trucks and machines. Some are screamingly colorful and I don't like them in an old car. :don’t approve:

    The retro radios are usually too weak for me and have too few options - and are usually already technically outdated. :confused:
    I don't want records, tapes, cassettes or CDs in the car anymore.

    My current favorites: Blaupunkt BPA1119BT - but this also already from 2019 :eek: or the much more colorful Blaupunkt BPA 1123 BT from 2023 or the expensive but with remote control (useful lying in the rear) Dublin 112 BT that has also a rear USB for hidden memory sticks.
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    One thing I did when my Sony started losing the operating tact button switches on the fascia, was source a secondhand fascia off eBay for less than the cost of two spare switches. (£11 each ripoff)
  16. Any 'entertainment suite' problems and I've bought a couple of complete units from Ebay as spares - total outlay £25 . As you can probably tell , I quite like this model radio cassette and as commented by @CollyP "they sound quiet good " even playing cassettes .
    I think his fave was "The best of Glen Miller " ... turned up 11 ...

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  17. I thought he was more of a Bert Kaempfert man?
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  19. That brass band music must drive you nuts.
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