Cancelled Dub Odyssey 16-18th July 2021. South Yorkshire

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  1. Dub Odyssey 2021 has been cancelled.

    We are absolutely gutted, it's for reasons beyond our control.

    Tickets will automatically carry over to 2022 or if you prefer you can get a refund through Ticketline/Ticketlight.

    Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday 14th June we have been in discussion with Rotherham Council & the venue.
    The restrictions now required to operate would not allow attendees to enjoy the Dub Odyssey Experience. It would not be the great show that our loyal supporters have come to enjoy.

    We won't bore you with all the specific details, but let's just say the rules would not make for a good show experience. For example everyone having to sit down at a table of 6 people when drinking or eating anything!

    We explored all possibilities to keep the show on, but it just wouldn't be possible to run the event in a way that people would still enjoy it.

    We are so sorry to bring you this bad news.

    Roll on Dub Odyssey 2022.
    The Dub Odyssey Team.

    Ticket Holders:
    You can get a refund through ticketline/ticketlight. Please note whilst Dub Odyssey will give you all of the ticket cost back, ticketline keep their booking fee!
    Therefore we would prefer you to hang onto your tickets for Dub Odyssey 2022.

    Original post:
    Why should you come?

    It's a great VW show with entertainment, for less than a 'normal' weekends camping would cost you!

    It's great fun & loads of friendly people attend.

    Only £26.50 inc booking fee, for advanced adult weekend camping tickets!

    Where is it held?
    Hooton Lodge Farm, Rotherham S65 4TE - It's a great venue.

    Easy to get to from the M1, M18 & A1.

    What can you expect ?
    Outdoor Live Bands
    Show & Shine
    *Free Autojumble 'car' boot sale- details below*
    Trade Stands
    Kids Rides
    Food Court
    Huge Marquee with Bar
    Evening Entertainment: Bands & DJ’s
    Themed Fancy Dress
    and so much more……

    Dub Odyssey is run by members of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club.
    We aren't in it for profit - we do it because we love Vdubs.
    We aim to cover our costs & improve future shows.
    If we make a surplus it's donated to charity - chosen by members of the club.

    It's the North's longest running Vdub Show & its run by volunteers.
    Please join us for a weekend of Camping, Dubs, Music & Entertainment.

    Hope to see you there.

    Tickets are now on sale at

    More info

    *How the Autojumble 'car' boot sale will work*

    Got old parts that you want to sell?

    Don't want to give up your entire show weekend stood on a stall?

    Simply bring your parts to Dub Odyssey & join our Free Autojumble 'car' boot.
    Sunday from 10am - Park up next to the trade stall area.

    Sell your bits from your vehicle or lay them out on a tarp.

    If you can't always be next to your 'car' boot: display your phone number/ask your neighbour to watch your stuff (at your own risk).

    We've only done this a couple of times, it could go pear shaped, but it should be fun!

    You never know what rare old bits people will find in their sheds & garages.

    *The free Autojumble 'car' boot sale is for individuals to sell their spare parts.
    If you are a parts trader, have loads and loads of bits or want to sell all weekend then please book a trade stand.
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  2. Everybody is welcome

    Tagging 'local' ish people and a few others who have been before.

    @Merlin Cat
    @Betty the Bay
    @Mrs Busmonkey
    @Stephen Flint
    @Mrs Moosey
    Please tag other Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Peak District, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire folk
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  3. Ooh interesting....nearer than Lutterworth :)
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  4. Roughly halfway between you and @scrooge95
    Sarah has been before, although I was away that year so didn't go!
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  5. So you just need a one person ticket to take a Bay? Or, even da Bug? :thinking:
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  6. Correct. Ticket price includes weekend camping
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  7. I was going to "do" Dinky Dubs, the weekend after TE, but, this might work out :)
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  8. It was definitely fun the year I went. Might have to think about it for this year too :)
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  9. Thursday night camping should be possible for people from far flung places such as @F_Pantos & @scrooge95.

    The Club members often stay over on the Thursday to get things set up. You may get roped into giving us a hand though.

    If you do that you could also secure a good spot for any other late bayers you wish to camp with.
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  11. Apologies @Barry Haynes.

    I'll personally buy your ticket if you wish to come
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  12. Be good to meet you @Barry Haynes, I'll go 50/50 with @paulcalf, if you promise you'll join us ;)
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  13. Work have an incentive for us to use our holiday allowance before the end of July, too many folk not using their allowances and it is a negative cost on the books, anyways I get 5 days off for the price of four :thinking:....
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  14. Rude not to then :thumbsup:

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  15. You could combine it with a trip to see your Yorkshire relatives?
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  16. You coming @Lasty ;)
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  17. I haven't been able to recently :( but then I would have to confess my VW problem to my Mum :oops:
  18. ???

    That was for Lasty, forgot you also have Yorkshire relatives
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  19. :oops:, sorry @Lasty, crossed wires.
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  20. Used to go for a look round on the Saturday ( or was it Sunday) ... is that still possible?
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