Camping in the Cotswolds 2nd,3rd,4th Aug 24

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  1. hmmm hoping i can dive out of it , was only doing Beach Dubbin as on my son/grandsons doorstep litirally
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  2. Fruitcake

    Fruitcake Supporter

    That's cursed the weather then :eek:
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  3. iblaze

    iblaze Supporter

    We will be there

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  4. could i come along please
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  5. Hi first timers here would love to come

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  6. I quite enjoyed this a few years ago, but I'm van-less now, might be a car/tent visit then.
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  7. DamonW

    DamonW Supporter

    I can make this! :) can myself, my wife and little daughter attend? Can you let me know the details of where it is etc and any things I need to know about to join in
    We are good for nights 2nd and 3rd and would depart on the 4th morning
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  8. All welcome, postcode to the CC is OX184DX
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  9. Could get raucous in the field end if the rascal @CollyP has a couple of light ales .....
    Has anyone ever been banned ??

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  10. scrooge95

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    I shall bring my deckchair in anticipation!
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  11. Not yet! :)
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  12. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    I feel much maligned

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