Calibrate a VW Speedo, Have it reading Correct!

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    Quality product from Smith's Gauges

    No longer do you need to run around in your lowered bus on a limited mileage insurance policy paying for miles that your speedo over reads.

    This will end up saving you money in the long run.

    Let me know If I can help!



    01444 251 270
  2. How does this work as surely it will change with different size wheels/tyres.

    How much are they?
  3. @Razzyh Yes there is a push to set buttom and the are calibratable to YOUR set up, so it would be accurate for you!

    They are £179.17 but always do get in touch I may be able to help out especially if your buying other parts at the same time.



    01444 251 270
  4. Quite nice, although postage to the US could be a bit pricey for me - might have to tie it in with family visiting from Somerset when I have some money.

    Someone on the German forum is taking the tachometer and clock from a Mercedes W201 and adjusting it to fit into the clock hole, and also looking into replacing the analogue clock with an oil temperature gauge, pressure gauge, etc:


    I wonder if Smith's could look into doing that with the tacho that you sell?
  5. for some reason marks and spencers come to my old withered mind , their policy of stack em high sell em cheap, comes to mind

    they sold hundreds of thousand of bars of soap that way and had thousands of happy customers

    the alternative was to sell about sixty bars of soap with 20 happy customers but also with thousands of bars of soap on the shelf and with very little profit

    but what do i know ...........£179.19
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