Black and White with a splash of colour

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Rustydiver, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Been having a play with a few photos and
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  3. Cool, is it difficult to do? what do you use?
  4. Not that hard to do.
    I use photoshop elements 10.
    Will have another go later if I get time and jot down what I do. I can't think off the name off the tools I used.
    You start with your colour photo, convert to black and white using a new layer, then use a tool to go over the bits you want the back into.

  5. I've never used photoshop, but with results like that, I will have to sit down and have play :thumbsup:
  6. Right had a quick play and
    Open a your image in photoshop.
    In Layers Menu at the top Select New Adjustment Layer >Gradient Map
    Then press ok.
    In the adjustment box bottom rhs select B&W.
    Use the smart brush tool Green + selects the area to add colour.
    Red - Fines tunes i, takes the green selection away.

    This took 5 Mins.
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  7. Thanks! :thumbsup:
  8. Mmm...handy to know, I only have Photoshop Elements because its bundled with Premier Elements, I think I started with 9, then 10, and have had to upgrade to 12 on OSX.

    I can see how I could try different colours on a picture of my T3, to see whether I wanted another Swan White, or something different altogether, since I can basically paint it any colour I fancy and it will still be original undefined colour according to VW.
  9. There's a nice little app called Colorsplash which allows you to do the same thing on your iPhone or iPad.
  10. Here you go. Just done this while sprawled on the sofa. [​IMG]
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  11. Thanks for the info on how to do this. I'm pants with PhotoShop and been wanting to have a go.
  12. Got to admit so am I pants at it too.

    But over the last few weeks I've being playing and surprised with what I have found out.
    The spot removal tool is great for getting rid off things like people in a photo.
  13. Here we go a quick play around

    Old Man gone.
  14. i was haviiiing a pooo
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  15. Thats what the small was then. :mad:
  16. bit personal:oops:
  17. Spot on! Sorry, off.
  18. @Rustydiver ok converted image to BW selected area to colour, but cant work out how to fill the selection with colour?, please advise
    thank you
  19. van b&w.jpg

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