Billy the Brilliant jaffa Bay (79 Devon Moonraker)

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    Here is some pics of our camper brought a few months ago all a bit rotten and sorry
    Rspray and welding done by Brookside VW aircooled specialists in Birmingham, great guys good work at good prices, really enthusiastic about all things VW aircooled,
    ( Maybe the forum should have a section where we can recommend local spacialist companys??)
    I will put up some before pics in a mo and im sure you will all agree theyve done a good job
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  2. [​IMG]

    So here are the before picture (before i took the hammer and grinder to it - all the bottom panels were rotten and filled with body filler! ) Mostly i hated the flowers with a passion!
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  3. beautiful makeover!! xxx
  4. Massive improvement, nice bus M8 :)
  5. Thanks all, now seems all the effort and money was worth it,still a huge list to do though,im sure all the wisdom on this forum will help me along the way! ;)
  6. Well done
  7. Jaffa busses rule. Check out mine in the resto section. Got any interior shots?
  8. Interior not done yet,nearly done gutting its origional (damp and rotten) interior so thats next to do! :thinking:
  9. Very nice indeed, lovely transformation, and nice to see another Moonraker on here. You'll be pleased to learn that the moonraker doubletop was voted king of poptops on here. Plus, yellow/jaffa voted king of colours... 8)
  10. Great looking bus, one of my favourite conversions. Nice work.
  11. Well done. Great colour and another van saved from the knackers yard
  12. bernjb56

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    Welcome - looking good :)
  13. Well its been over a year now and its still not finished! (Purchased a house that ate all my time and cash) i'll pop a few before pics up soon of the interior that needs finishing as and when the weather gets better!
  14. Proper colour that :thumbsup:
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  15. Well its been four years now, 'life' tookover.... got a new burst of energy fot it, loads more work has been found to do in it. The more I clean up the more holes I find.

    As soon as I figure out what photo hosting site to use instead of photobucket i'll start putting somd picks up....
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  16. Just click on the words upload a file next to post a reply and then click your photos should come up in your files then pick one or two at a time :thumbsup:
  17. nice stance and colour:cool:
  18. Thanks @ Barneyrubble I thought pics were to big and needed an img code, hers a test: rotten sill 20180807_153004.jpg
  19. The more I look the more rot I find, so I think I'll now move this over to the rebuild /restore part of forum...

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