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    Before the advent of digital cameras and latterly phones with a relatively decent lens you were stuck with a happy snappy camera or else had to invest serious money and buy a decent SLR. I had been in the latter camp most of the time and so there are relatively few photos of me from about 1972 onwards.
    So it's funny when someone does dig up a photo like this one. Me in full flight above Thredbo village in 1990, taken by a photographer mate who happened to be working there at the time.
    Ms.T said it is definitely me as no one else would have matched a purple fleece with those ski pants, and have their goggles backwards around their neck in a vain attempt to look cool.:eek:Cheeky bloody cow.:mad:

    1990 Thredbo.jpg
  2. That looks like it's photoshopped! Are you sure it's 1990?
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  3. What she really said was nobody else would be stupid enough to chuck themselves off the top of a mountain.
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    Definitely 1990, Pete (the photographer ) is certain and the skis are about the right vintage (Hart 220cm).
    It would have been shot on either a Hasselblad or Mamiya 6x7 as they were his cameras of choice at the time.
  5. Nice post.
    Looked like a really wicked mogul..
  6. My point was that if you had actually gone over the edge like that, you wouldn't be alive today!;)
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    After skiing this one at Jackson anything here is pretty tame.
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  8. Wow a Hasselblad camera, that was a serious expensive bit of kit and hung around the neck while jumping off a cliff, thats hats off to you both, fantastic shot. In the pre 70's photo negs could be superimposed but quite a long process of masking out the neg and contacting onto a blank film etc etc.
  9. Are you sure its not 1890 :D
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  10. I had a box Brownie - 8 shots on a film - so you thought a lot before you took a photo
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    Cheeky sod. :p
    Here's a picture of my early days of skiing ............... note how safely I'm carrying the Eldest Unmarried. :D

  12. JT1


    What's on the back of your pants or has that been redacted to spare us :eek:?
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  13. theres no beard to prove who it is...:thinking:
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    That was the fashion at the time, reinorced on the bum. :rolleyes:
    There was a beard, possibly just a short one (unlike today). :D
  15. Is that you in the video?

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  16. I got a Brownie camera as a present for my 10th birthday. It was wonderful and took surprisingly clear photos, which I still have. I remember the film came in a roll and putting it correctly in the camera was a challenge, and the film was quite expensive. I think it was 8 exposures, black and white and you had to choose carefully what you snapped and I always saved one or two in case something unexpected turned up.

    Then there was the processing, take the exposed roll to the camera shop and wait for a few days to collect the prints, enlargements cost a bit extra.

    I still remember the excitement and disappointment when looking at the prints for the first time. Most came out ok, but some less so, but it was so much more fun than now.

    Much later on I progressed to a cheap 35mm with 24 or 36 exposure cassettes and colour film for prints or mounted slides. The Kodak cassettes you sent to their place in Hemel Hempstead and waited days for the photos to come back in the post.

    I still have them all and the slides are still perfect colour, and still have the old slide viewer.
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    No, that's not me.
  18. I was about to say 'I'm impressed'!

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  19. Those were the days
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  20. I still have my Kodak Brownie... I bought it when I was eight in 1973, for the princely sum of 5p from my primary school summer fete! I couldn't afford the 'newer' 10p camera so had to settle for the Brownie. Always fascinated me the way you simply pointed and clicked... close or far... no focus, no exposure adjustment! Happy days :)

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