Been in tears last 2 days. Sent my van for a cheap spray job and it's come back damaged.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by janerodger, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. It's gone pretty flat for selling this past year!
    I've had to drop any idea of clearing out the space I've got, in the hope that things will pick up a touch over the next year or two, so I can at least get back what the project bus "owes me" ... If it doesn't I'll have at least done some work on it in the mean time and might feel more like keeping it anyway.
  2. Have a PM thread.
    Not just vexing.
    Had a bit of a shock I think. It was supposed to be a weeks work.
    Two months later ........
  3. well you are nearly as positive on the market as @mgbman
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  4. Fair enough! I hope everything works out ok for them, but i sense they may be disapointed when it doesn't sell for that price, good luck though
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  5. what was the point of coming on here to ask for advise , not follow up or may be they did , but i doubt they will see 7 k
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  6. davidoft

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    I would say 10-15 years is more realistic, with brexit and trump people aren’t flashing the cash as much as they have the last 10 years, add to that the impending interest rise and people belts need a couple of new holes popping in to accommodate the tightening
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    I offered to work on that van from day one but wasn’t taken up on it :eek:

    I would say £3500 is more like it.

    Looking at the pictures the shocker hasn’t bent so it may have been loose already, the drive shaft looks like it’s still attached just rubbed through the gaiter, as the exhaust hasn’t pulled any of the studs I would say that would weld back on, it’s not as much work as it sounds, the damage that’s been painted over on the sill is rotten through, I’d you take it to a paint shop lots of them only paint, not weld. Hard to make a considered judgement on the paint no knowing what was agreed, the exhaust system is most likely down to the recovery guy, he’s not owned up to it. If he got £50 for the job he’s unlikely to want to pay out a few hundred to sort it out
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  8. True ... They're both LHD though, and one is unwelded, so I'm eyeing up the mainland market.
    Prefer to keep 'em of course! ... That was the original idea after all.
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  9. you can take the horse to water but ye can t make it drink it
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  10. Personally i think theres more of a market for 7 grand mingers than a fully restored one at the moment :(
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  11. I think you're right!
  12. Surely the opposite has happened previously.
    Low interest on savings ,poor return on shares /ISA’s ,people see a better investment in classic cars ..hence the rise of ford and Porsche marks ..I think a camper is a short lived fantasy for certain types who soon realise it’s not for them .
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    Exactly and now it’s all flipping the opposite way
  14. Values have little interest to me I'm afraid - not for sale ...

    What does get my dander up is the quality and cost of parts .

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    The quality of parts is great (LOL) - so long as it looks similar - who cares if it fits or not? I'm always shocked at the rubbish aftermarket stuff for sale!
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  16. Agreed
    There’s plenty of people and companies ready to take your money.
    And if you try to maintain your van to avoid it breaking down it comes very expensive and no assurance that it won’t,
    that is why I decided to sell mine because I was spending too much money obsessed with changing things that didn’t need changing
    That and the storage :rolleyes:
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  17. Painted by catapult.

    New name for a business I’m thinking about!
  18. There is always plenty of discussion on here about current van prices. Prices only mean something if buying or selling. Not everyone has 15k spare to buy a top quality van, but good vans around 7k would always sell more easily. With prices lower, more folks would be buying them up and then fewer vans for sale, so prices would rise over time.

    The blue van does not have much appeal unless bought cheap. Someone after a cheap van to do up may pay 3k for it. Not much risk at that price.
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    How much for a resplat mate?
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  20. There must be loads of vans out there with owners looking to off-load whilst trying to recoup the money they (over)spent buying them in the first place.

    Amusing to see some people's interpretation of 'immaculate' when it comes to vehicles............
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