Bay View Farm, Looe Cornwall

Discussion in 'Cornwall' started by AllTheGearNoIdea, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Bay View Farm really does live up to its name...
  2. Is that the one with the pods?
    Stayed there last year. Beautiful.

    Lovely walk along the coast to the town. :)
  3. Yes Bay View Farm, Looe with the pods and Shire Horses.

    The view is beautiful here
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  4. Love it love it love it.

    Have a great stay. I only went for a long weekend. Took the car and tent.
    Really want to stay in a pod.
  5. dog

    dog Tea Boy

    My brother lived in looe for a few years. Gorgeous part of the world. Proposed to the missus there!
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  6. Did the missus say yes?
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  7. dog

    dog Tea Boy

    The 2 screaming kids and empty bank account point to yes ;)
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  8. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Moderator

    just don't ask @dog what year his bus will be finished :lol: :D
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  9. dog

    dog Tea Boy

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