FOR SALE Barn built Rivera 72 crossdresser

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    [​IMG][/URL] You are viewing my Volkswagen bay window camper which was built in 1972 which makes it a crossdresser model (prototype front and late bay rear end) It's wearing all its original factory paint on the outside, with its fantastic patina which has taken 42 years to create, and also on insides besides the freshly painted raised front wheel tubs. The van was originally imported from Colorado USA, where it spent all of its life, in early 2011 by a well know reputable UK company. The van had a very easy life in the states as shown by its original honest condition and completely 100% rot free and original underside. I'm the first owner of the van in this country so soon after purchase I got it through its first MOT with little work and registered it shortly after. I also have a birth certificate for the van from the VW factory.

    Straight after the MOT and registration I carried out the following modifications with my friend who happens to be a professional air-cooled VW specialist and I'm in the the high end classic car restoration business so all of the work has been done to the highest of standards with no short cuts or bodge jobs.

    Chassis / Running gear

    5" narrowed "Slamwerks" king n link beam with raised steering pin.
    Beam has been raised up into the chassis by 2"
    Powder coated everything including spindles, carriers, torsion arms, beam, track rods, drag link and shift rod.
    2.5" dropped disc brake spindles with new king and link pins and new wheel bearings
    New short shocks.
    New track rod ends.
    Custom 5" tubular gusseted chassis notches for track rod clearance.
    Fully refurbished brake system including, painted callipers with new seals, new pads, new discs which have been painted, new solid and flexible brake lines and a NOS master cylinder has also been painted.
    Completely re-bushed shift rod with new coupling.
    Running 175/55/15 Continental front tyres on Mk5 Golf steel wheels.
    Front "Slamwerks" 2" raised wheel tubs with modified front seats to work as originally intended.

    TransporterHaus 1" dropped adjustable spring plates
    TransporterHaus 3.5" horseshoe plates with all new hardware.
    Custom scratch built rear chassis notches for A-arm and drive shaft clearance.
    A-arm brackets have been relocated upwards to reduce extreme camber when lowered, van has perfect rear wheel camber.
    1303s beetle gearbox which has been raised 2.5" with a split bus nose cone and a custom front mount.
    Gearbox also retains its original rear cradle with rubber mounts, so no nasty vibrations or noise, via a fuel tank raise.
    New beetle inner CV joints and CV boots.
    Engine is also raised by 2.5" with custom rear brace bar mounts and front tin wear.
    Custom raised rear wheel tubs for maximum tyre clearance.
    195/65/15 Continental rear tyres.
    New painted rear drums with all new slave cylinders, pads with solid and flexible brake lines.
    New clutch and accelerator cables and conduits.

    1700 Type4 motor
    Fully stripped and rebuilt with all new seals and gaskets including flywheel oil seal, front main crank seal, oil cooler seals, pushrod tube seals, exhaust gaskets, oil filler pipe gaskets and dipstick bellows.
    Fully detailed with powder coated tin ware, exhaust, heat exchangers, brace bar and bead blasted fan housing and a new foam engine bay seal.
    Fully rebuilt and detailed original alternator with a new digital regulator.
    Fan and crank pulley pulled apart and powder coated then professionally balanced.
    All new service items such as points, condenser, plugs, leads, coil, dizzy cap and rotor arm.
    Twin ICT Webber carbs, manifolds, linkage and filters which have been professionally balanced and set up.
    Modified tail pipe to clear the rear valance due to the engine raise.
    Full new solid and flexible fuel lines thought out including fuel filter.
    Brand new Facet electronic fuel pump.
    Always looked after with regular servicing and oil changes.
    Driven all around the country including a trip to Belgium and back without missing a beat.

    Original rare spec Riveria interior conversion with a 3/4 rock n roll bed, wardrobe, fold up table and buddy seat / cupboard.
    Original vinyl covering on all the seats and cushions.
    New marine ply wood floor with new vinyl flooring.
    Fully working original and complete fly screens on the sliding middle windows.
    New front windscreen seal.
    Fully wired 12v leisure battery and split charge system to run the original interior lights and 2 hidden 12v cigarette / accessory sockets (one front, one rear)
    Interior is very comfortable and sleeps two fully grown adults with ease and has room for a front child's hammock to sleep one more little one.
    Freshly painted front wheel tubs and rock solid original cab floor.

    After all of this work the van is arguably one of the UK's best driving lowered vans! This van is a dream to drive and does NOT scrape on anything as all of the raising work carried out underside. Cruises on the motorways with ease and is great on the B roads too. Super solid original vans like this are like hens teeth now a days especially ones that have been modified this radically with hundreds of work hours spent on them.

    A very very reluctant sale due to me growing up and buying a house so it would be nice to see it go to a good home!

    All viewings welcome so please ring 07882658980 to arrange a look. I'm based in Coalville, Leicestershire and work is in Swadlincote, Derbyshire for daytime viewings also.

    £12,000 or listen to offers

    Cheers rob

    Also my build thread is here too load more photo's there
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  2. Very nice - keep em coming

    * edit * thought this was a resto thread and then noticed for sale in the title - shame you gotta sell it mate.
  3. Cheers dude

  4. How Much Will I Get for a Kidney?? Abslutley Love it!!! Good luck with the Sale and the House Move
  5. Cheers matey yeah I'm looking forward to moving out from my parents house an what ever new project I get I'm thinking shiney prototype or a hotrod

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  8. Cheers dude it's still here
  9. Suns out come on buy me
  10. Someone must want a rad slammed bus
  11. I love that fact the engine looks lowered too! So cool
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  12. Passed mot yesterday

    An a mate come across This from early edition


    An as the sun was out I took this


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  13. Perfect weather to buy a rad van like mine

  14. Here here come buy a rad bus ready to use for This amazing weather
  15. Suns out buy me :)
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  17. Tubs all painted an I've got a veiwing on a house so open to offers


    Cheers Rob
  18. Lovely bus mate. Whats your asking price?

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