Aug 72 - Aug 73 late bay discussion. 73 model year.

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  1. Not sure if the mustard cloth was one year only (73 MY). Mine has some still under the seat covers.
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  2. Do you know anybody who does supply the Westfalia Mustard Yellow fabric on the roll .... i want to keep the Original look and would like to re-cover the back seats....VW NLA still havent got round to sorting out supply of it.
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  3. I've not seen any available off the roll in the UK. I think someone in Germany sells it but can't remember who.
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  4. Mine has all original mustard coverings but I have always liked the jaffa tartan Westy stuff and was tempted at the NLA stand in Volks World this year...

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  5. Reprowesty or serialkombi sell it I think?
  6. C1F8255F-3882-45E9-9BAC-EEFC351F2419.jpeg After faffing about trying to get my rear brakes to function properly due to worn out components on my August ‘72 Continental I nicked the innards from my ‘76 project’s rear brakes and it’s been fine ever since. I went as far as welding up the spreader bar slots and re cutting them, but in the end functioning brakes won over originality.

    I defy anyone other than folk as geeky as us to either notice nor care! :)
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  7. I have a fuel cap not flap.
    An old style steering column.
    Lock in slider door handle.
    Build October 13 1973 as a kombi. Imported into Ramsgate. First registered March 1975.

    Everything else about bus is later style.
  8. So a 1974 model year bus then. Seems they were still using up older parts then if its all original.
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    That’s about right time wise. Post Aug 73.
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    I think it left the steering assembly to change. The sticky out seams only lasted 12 months after the defo panel was added.
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    The lock in handle doesn’t seem to fit the bill though?
  12. Will early sliders fit late vans?
  13. I think the keyhole on its own started 75:thinking:
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  14. I can't see why it wouldn't :)
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    We did think it was Aug 73.
  16. Yes
  17. Poptop2

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    I still think it was.

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