FOR SALE Audi A4 .The Green Monster

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Milky, Nov 18, 2021.

  1. Milky

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    With a heavy heart my Audi A4 is for sale .Details to follow but years MOT , runs great and yes that is the original colour .It is Pearl Java green which was special order from new .Price is £700 and must go to a good home please . IMG_2021-11-15-13-47-43-094.jpg
  2. I’ve just showed this to my 19 year old son.

    He is interested but we need more info to see if it’s insurable for him - running costs etc.

    He’s currently running about in a Mk3 Golf but it’s on its last legs and I don’t think will get through an MoT.

  3. Milky

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    1800cc, 142000 , runs and drives great.No rust ( think they were galvanised) few scuffs on bumpers and two of the doors but does not detract from condition.Come and view on a ramp as I am a full time mechanic so vehicle has been well looked after .No oil leaks and does not use any oil.Interior is really good and virtually no wear .I brought it at 98000 approx 5years ago and used it for a year then gave it to my brother who then done 40000 without any problems .
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  4. Thanks fella. We met before when I came to your workshop on my motorbike. I bought a rubber air filter connecting pipe (carb to airbox) and collected it to save the hassle of posting. I think you had just painted your bus but it had no interior - if memory serves.
    My boy is still asleep at the moment :rolleyes: but we will discuss when he surfaces. Any chance you could PM me the registration number ?

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  5. Milky

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    It's still painted with no interior ! That's why I am sadly selling the Audi as I just do not have any spare time or the inclination to commit to maintaining another vehicle .The bus has to be on the road next year's as if memory serves me correctly it's about 17ish years since i toke it off the road for repairs .
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  6. Milky

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    A4 still for sale as really not keen to put it on fleabay .
  7. Merlin Cat

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    I do really like that @Milky. Unfortunately I have got my existing quota of vehicles so can’t purchase it. :(. It looks fab tho.
  8. Poptop2

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    Go on, you know you want to!
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  9. Yeah go on, you can squeeze it on the drive
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  10. Milky

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    Would reduce the price to a late bayer . I am not normally sentimental about cars but truthfully really do not want to sell this but working on cars as a job the idea of maintaining another çar in my lunchtime or weekend fills me with dread .
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