SOLD ARB Awning with led lighting and side panel. Now sold.

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  1. Only used around 5 times as my new camper already had an awning on it! Bought from CVC, complete with mounting brackets so it can be easily fitted to any bay. LED lighting strip built in, with long cable and controller...its dimmable and colour changing. Works well when sat underneath with a beer! Side panel gives you a corner to stash the beer and keeps any side wind off. Current price is £440 for the awning and £99 for the panel new. Looking for £350 for mine. Collection from LE12 7EL (Loughborough) only....give me a ring on 07793 126323 if interested! Cheers , Andy.
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  2. possible interest here, are you going to techenders?!

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  3. Looks nice that!
  4. Its on your way i'd say

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  5. I’d love one of these but I’ve just been told I don’t need one.

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  6. I may be interested if Sam isn’t.
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  7. Agreed, I want - but don't need it ...


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  8. How long is the awning?
    I’m trying to work out if it will fit in the car as well as the camping kit when we go to techenders.
  9. To answer in order: I'm not going to Techenders, however I am going to Skegvegas if that helps anyone.
    Lasty, you do need's a great addition to your camping set up!
    It's 2.6m long overall.
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  10. I'm hoping to go to Skeg Vegas.
    I'm hoping to go to Techenders.
    I'll happily transport it.
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  11. if the kind gentleman would accept a deposit and pay the rest upon collection, either as i pass his place of residence prior to techenders or via yourself, it'd be awesome.

    hopefully work something out beteen me. and OP this week

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  12. I am going to Skeg Vegas and I am going to TE so if it doesn't work with you Paul I can do it @MR SAM HODSON

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  13. no problem....!
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  14. I'll text you later and sort it

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  15. You are a safer bet, as I'm not 100% with anything at the moment
  16. Now sold to Sam. Thanks.
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