An electrical storm over the sea front

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Merlin Cat, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Merlin Cat

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    We had an awesome electrical storm last week and I set my camera up on the roof terrace wall and took random snaps that i could only see properly on the down load. This one I am very pleased with. It has caught the energy? either going towards or away from the lightning strike. The white lines are coming from street lights and elctrical items on neighbours roofs, i.e air con units, satellite dishes, solar panels. Where the lightning is striking is about 3 miles from my house and is over the sea.

  2. Nice shot fella but you need a shutter release button to stop the shaking.
  3. :)

    Great pic
  4. coool :)
  5. nice pic
  6. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Thanks for the comments folks :)

  7. shutter realease will allow you to remotely trigger the shutter without touching the camera. If you have a delay then you could set up on a tripod, press, and then the camera will be perfectly steady when the shutter trips.

    Which sea front is this? Nice pic :)
  8. As alpha says the shutter release allows the shot to be taken without any interference to the camera. The problem is that for a night shot the camera needs the shutter speed to be as slow as possible to allow all the available light to be taken in for the shot and any movement at that point will be amplified in the light trail.

    Sorry if I was being negative but that really is a very nice pic which would only improve without the wobbly light trails. Well caught with the lightning though.
    Oh and sorry lady :p ;)
  9. Merlin Cat

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    Thanks Alpha 981 I was trying to be careful with the wobble so I put it on the wall - I must be a bit heavy handed! :) The sea front is Mojacar, Southern Spain

    Exuptoy - Thanks, I need to down load the manual and learn how to use it properly and see what accessories I can get. Not a problem on the comment and I hadnt taken it negatively, any advice is appreciated - including what I have done wrong so I can learn what to change :) As a female plumber I am used to new customers ringing and then asking if they could speak to the man who is the plumber! Some times even after I have said I am the plumber! ::)
  10. Great shot and well timed. Movement/blur images are in at the moment and the light trails look good.

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