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  1. im at the end of my rope with my bus now , any body know a good garage , for late bays in brum , preferably Sutton Coldfield side , :(:thumbsup:. , I just need a good tune up of the carb or whatever it is I'm missing
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    I'm not close but volksmagic is that way on (lee I think his name is?) was on car sos and beetle crisis, other than that I dunno, all my air cooled repairs were done at t/e.
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  5. I never really found anywhere in Sutton Coldfield when I lived over that way. You could try Kingfisher Kustoms as they're not a million miles away (they're in Smethwick) and Dave Fisher knows his stuff.

    Retro Performance are in Brownhills and I got them to fix my steering once when I needed a garage close by, they were about the closest to where I was (I used to live in Erdington) and they were good too.
  6. Ok thanks :thumbsup:
  7. @wingnut1574 it may be a bit out of your way, but I found Bob at Volkshaus in Kenilworth to be brilliant.
  8. Hopefully I've got my self out of the woods now ,, but I didn't know there was one in kenilworth , least that's easy to get to :thumbsup:
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