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  1. Hi all.

    I collected my pride and joy last night from Sussex Aircooled where it's been for a few weeks undergoing some immediate fixes and I am delighted with the changes and quality of the work, so below is a short summary.

    Replaced the knackered engine (probably a 1300) with a recon 1641 and I can feel the difference immediately and that should improve as it runs-in. The old one was running very hot with poor power. The fuel vent is temporary until the right part comes in. Also the clutch had issues, so replaced at the same time.

    Looks good and sounds better. Drives much more smoothly, goes up hills! and will idle now. New tin where it was rusty. The speedo no longer working (going wild), so need to look at that, any suggestions gratefully received?

    New Engine.jpg

    Next was some heating, so went for a dual gas/240v system which is switchable when we are on hook-up but also allows off-grid. Neatly fits under the bed alongside some new electrics.

    Heating System.jpg

    And finally some new electrics, split charging and camping hook-up which was all missing before.

    New Electrics.jpg

    And here she is, back home. Next I'm going to tackle the interior myself with some replacement carpet and general sort out, the headliner is baggy so will look at options for that. Plus over the winter I have a plan to take off the top, refurb it, including new pop-top canvas, time allowing.

    Bus in Garage.jpg

    We've booked a couple of nights away at the end of October, so looking forward to trying it all out.
  2. Excellent, glad you are sorted.

    The speedometer issue, could be the cable needs lubricating if it’s jumping around, should be an easy fix
  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Or the cable is on its way out.
    Easy enough to swap.
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  4. New speedo cable is an easy fix however ours still jumps a bit when at crawling speed but i can live with it.
  5. Mine was playing up and it was at the wheel end where it goes into the cap I found the square hole had gone a bit rounded off so it didn’t run round smoothly.
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  6. Thanks for the advice. Managed to fix the interior lights today, next is fog light which was working but is now not then onto Speedo cable.

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