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  1. FYI this does not fit a CJ 2.0 engine, which I have just found out :( and at 6pm on a Sunday everywhere is closed

    @rickyrooo1 if you want a filter that's unused but has been filled with fresh oil let me know and I'll bring to TE
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    strange? thought all type 4 were same, fits a ge code anyway feel free to bring yes mate
  3. I would have thought the same tbh which is why I never checked and just purchased.

    Mines a CJ
  4. @Top Banana Racing what filter did you use mate - are they different with the sandwich plate fitted.

    Actually I tried without the sandwich and it still didn't fit
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  6. With my anorak on I've been adding some Bookmarks to my browser and thought I'd add some a comment on whether the sites previously listed still work (my comment in BOLD - not shouting, just to make visible :)). I haven't tried every single link from the sites (I may be sad, but not that sad), but where I've tried a few I've added a comment if some may not work (usually to other external sites).
    The original posting started 10 years ago, so hardly surprising if some don't work but some may have just changed address so if you know it please add it.
    My results are as at 12/06/2022 so this may/will change over time:

    And from later posts in the thread:

    http://john-perry.com/vw/tech.html LINK WORKS BUT SOME LINKS FROM SITE DON’T WORK

    http://www.aircooledcrazy.com/interior/interior.html LINK WORKS

    www.shoptalkforums.com LINK WORKS

    http://rapidgator.net/file/74727306/VW_Official_service_manual_T2_1968-79.rar.html ERROR 404 FILE NOT FOUND

    http://www.vintagebus.com/wiring/index.html SERVICE TEMPORARILY DOWN (so it might work)

    http://www.vw-resource.com/ LINK WORKS

    http://rapidgator.net/file/74727306/VW_Official_service_manual_T2_1968-79.rar.html ERROR 404 FILE NOT FOUND

    http://www.ratwell.com/technical/Microfiche.html LINK WORKS
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    Vintagebus is dead, but all the diagrams are on Samba even with the same index spreadsheet so I'm guessing with the blessing (or death :( ) of whoever ran vintagebus.
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    FYI ^^

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