FOR SALE 79 sage green/mexico magnolia kombi SOLD

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  1. I have a very nice original paint 79 kombi for sale
    Has orig. 2.0 Fuel injected engine, runs great
    All the original brown interior is in good condition
    The bus is pretty much rust free aside from a small area in the battery tray
    I daily drive the bus and in runs, drives, handles, & stops perfectly
    All the electrics work perfect, lights, signals etc.
    Came factory with AC, and BA6 gas heater that will need gone through still
    Have a long list of parts & work that i have done to the bus
    Has current tags & reg. Clear Oregon title in my name.
    If interested call (541)-672-5357 and we can work out the details
    Thanks for looking, Conrad

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  2. [youtube][/youtube]
  3. Cool Bus i seen it on the bay hunting thread on the samba good luck with the sale.
  4. Hey thanks, bay hunting is always a blast!

    Here are a couple pics today after i replaced the brake hoses & pads up front, then polished up some paint
  5. still available. Had the belly pans blasted & painted!
  6. Lovely bus there. Love them opening side windows. D you know what they are called as I really want some of them for my bus.

    Good luck with the sale.
  7. Thanks davedub, i'm loving this bus. Actually considering selling my split & keeping this one. i'm not sure what the windows are called, but i'll look around. I think i remember having an extra set of them.
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  8. Loving it.
    My bus is the same as this but with a vw sunroof instead of air con
  9. Hi what would the cost be to import this bus to the uk any ideas guy's
  10. davidoft

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    They are genuine bay sliding windows, a couple of the importers have them for sale
  11. There is a company called Schumacher cargo in los angeles. Good guys there. About a grand to ship it. Plus tax on arrival that you have to pay straight away I believe. Then cost in shipping from uk port to your house and also a cost getting it from sellers house to port.

    I think the tax is about 20% of total buying price. There are a few on here that will know a whole lot more than me.
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  12. Those windows i had ended up being vanagon ones, so they are a little to big for a bay, hope you end up finding a set

    your bus is an absolute beauty!
  13. I spoke with a shipper that said about $1200 to ship overseas, and then yes trucking the bus from Oregon would be a bit more + all the taxes as mentioned
  14. Just got current tags, registration, and title. So she's my daily driver now :)
  15. SOLD
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  16. SOLD!!!
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  17. Hi, Is your van still for sale?

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  18. Just sold the van today. Bye bye ol' greeny I'll miss you!!
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