FOR SALE £80 -- JK Spacemaker Driveaway Awning

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  1. Am selling my JK Spacemaker Driveaway Awning.

    This is a big awning and has a removable inner tent that sleeps 4.

    It is in very good condition, and other than an outing to TechEnders last September it hasn't been used in 6 years - I got it 8 years ago for my previous van (T4) and used it a few times with that, but got a JK retro awning for my T2 and so this has just sat in the garage.

    Selling as it is never used, and as I have two other awnings and am selling my van it never will be!

    I put new elastic in the poles after Techenders last year, and only issue with it is that one section of one of the poles has been wrapped with tape due to a slight splintering of the fibreglass - it still works perfectly though.

    Am asking £80 for it.

    Due to size and weight collection only from Kidlington, Oxford (OX5) please.


    First photo is the only one I have of the actual awning, rest are stolen photos from the internet!
    2009-08-30 04-52-47.JPG 21072010340.jpg download.jpg awning 1.jpg Spacemaker-Tunnel-Tent-Awning-drive-Away-Awning.jpg
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  2. Bargainous !!
    These are great awnings , should go in no time

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  3. Am open to sensible offers :)
  4. Still got this available. Need it gone ASAP, so if you can collect from Oxford make me an offer!
  5. Reduced to £80 - bargain!
  6. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    This is a proper bargain.
    I’m down this way once a month if anyone northern needs a TLB courier.

    Don’t you need it for your next camper @PeaSoup ? ;)
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  7. I have 2 others, plus about 7 tents! And good news - Katie has said yes to a T5 :)
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  8. Have you found one yet, getting it in time for TE?
  9. I'm only just beginning to look and hopefully by TE yes :)
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  10. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I keep reading the thread title as “reduced to £80k!”
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  11. So do I
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  12. I've added a hyphen in to help you all :) Although happy to take 80k for it. Perhaps that is why it hasn't sold!

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  13. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Hurrah!! :)
  14. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Did this ever sell and what are the two others?

    I’m looking for a small awning just enough to clip on and put a table and a couple of chairs in - I normally put the canopy on but want something enclosed - anything suitable ? :thumbsup:
  15. @PeaSoup any of the other 7 tents for sale i'm after a 2-3 man tent?
  16. @Dazza - No not sold this yet. But there is someone interested - they just haven't figured out how to get it as a long way away and I don't want to ship it,

    This is a great awning but bigger than what i think you are after.

    @Geordie - i'm selling a small 2 man at the moment. It's a Vango Tempest 200. Although they say its a 2 man i think its more like a one man plus bags and so probably too small for you. In perfect condition, used once, looking for £80 for it collected. Selling as i have 2 of these! I have a bit of a problem with tents - if i see one for sale i have to buy it - hence 2 of these!!
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  17. @PeaSoup ill have a look and come back to you:thumbsup:
  18. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    As @PeaSoup lives pretty close to my dad I can possibly do a helpful courier job if required:)
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  19. Still for sale. £80 collected from Oxford.
  20. If you can collect it make me an offer as I need it gone.

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