Would you get upset if...

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  1. Your (generalisation ) dog ran from you (not on a lead), attacked a lamb, then got shot by a farmer?
  2. Upset yes, but also understandable and accepted as a consequence of what had happened.
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  3. i think you have to accept that you're on/near the farmers land, he/she has a livelihood to protect and needs to do whatever is necessary - harsh but i think its difficult to see it any other way?
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  4. Especially this time of year, lambing in full swing and flocks put out in fields now for spring.

    No excuse.
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  5. I would be very upset if this happened to my Milo, what did you expect me to say I wouldn’t
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  6. But you would understand why it happened, wouldn’t you? What I mean, is that would obviously be your own fault, IF it did happen, wouldn’t it?
  7. Farmer absolutely within his/her rights. I'd feel bad, but I would know that I only had myself to blame as it would be my responsibility to only let the dog off the lead when I was sure that there were no livestock, rather than merely thinking there probably weren't.
  8. Of course I would understand, but your question was would I be upset if a farmer killed my dog and the answer is yes
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  9. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    The person I'd be by far the most upset with would be myself.

    Farmer is just doing their job and well within their rights.

    Dog is doing what dogs do.

    'I' am the idiot that:
    • Took the dog to that environment
    • Let the dog off its lead
    • Didn't train its recall adequately
    So I'd be gutted for my loss, but hugely p1ssed off at myself for letting that situation unfold.
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  10. I'd be extremely annoyed. If the owner is there, then it's definitely illegal to shoot the dog, just make the owner pay for the lamb, and it'll probably be far less than the farmer paying to replace the dog!

    If the owner wasn't in sight then the farmer may be within his rights to shoot it.

    Strange thing to ponder!
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  11. Bang on with that one, we wouldnt let our dog get into that situation having said that!

    Isnt it all about respecting what is around you and knowing where you are in relation to what surrounds you?
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  12. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    I would be upset but as @Moons said more annoyed with myself. I would also be upset about the lambs :(.

    There are sheep on sarah’s mums farm and even a loose dog not attacking the sheep when they are pregnant can and has caused them to miscarry.

    My half sister is a welsh sheep farmer and has horrible tales of dogs attacking the lambs and ewes. There’s no need for it.
  13. I know a farmer that would shoot you too :eek:
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  14. Absolutely, ewes being chased can be enough, they don't need to be savaged.
    Dogs should be kept on the lead until you're 100% sure there's no livestock at all, even cows will get spooked and run from dogs.
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  15. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Or run at them!!

    We have a field near mine with three rows of barbed wire....its maybe 250 yards along a country lane next to the fields in full view.

    The cows will charge the fence to get to the dog and often they will run up and down the fence line in groups of six or seven.

    Bloody hairy to the point I avoided it when the cows were in the field.
  16. We are surrounded by fields but I never take our pooch in one with either cows or lambs in. I sometimes do if it's just sheep but she's kept firmly on a lead. She prefers jumping through crops anyway...... :D
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  17. I’m with Mr Haynes on this one.....
    Would I be upset? I’d be distraught.
    I know it would be my fault and I’d ultimately understand that, but at the time I’d want to kill the farmer who shot my dog with my bare hands!!
    I know that’s not the right answer and I know he’s within his rights and all that, but at the time...... you’re kidding me? I’d be inconsolable.
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  18. Even if you entered the field knowing full well your dog wasn’t on a lead? Really?
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  19. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the farmer wouldn’t be right and within his rights, but you asked if I’d be upset. Of course I’d be upset, I love my dog. Right or wrong.

    For the record, I’d never do it, my dog would always be on a lead.... even when I didn’t have a deaf dog who required being in a lead anyway.
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  20. I'm just asking this,becuase its lambing season,and this very thing happened to my father,who was a Shepard. A dog was seen chasing his sheep around,someone rang him and he got there to find a dead lamb. He stayed the night there and watched a dog,which started chasing a pregnant ewe. So he shot it.
    It went to court,and the judge threw it out,as the dog was ' worrying livestock.
    This was around 1990 or so.

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