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  3. It is actually true that we pay 350,000,000 to the eu every week. However, we do get a rebate and some benefits but that doesn't hide the fact that we pay a hell of a lot more into the eu than we get back.

    btw, I never said that all the money we would save by leaving the eu would go to the nhs, that was Bozo.
  4. ....or a good tut tutting
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  5. I feel sorry for Mrs May, she had to negotiate a deal that she didn’t want in the first place, I may be in a minority here but I Truely think she has tried her best to get us a good fair deal, as for the rest in the commons apart from a few the rest ain’t worth a cup of cold yellow snow
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  6. You’re not in a minority... I agree with you and know many who do as well. None necessarily support the deal, the approach or the outcome but unlike the 600 wonkers in the chamber, I think the public consensus is for them to stop bickering and get it sorted.

    I think she’ll resign gracefully once the deal is done and the trade negotiations are underway.

    Boris or Gove will come in as PM and take advantage of the constitution to enjoy 2-3 years in office without opposition.

    Then all hell will break loose again

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