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  1. They do nothing and get it wrong. What they need is us to all vote on whether we need them ! Overwhelming Majority assured .
  2. Yeah..! Lets put on hi viz and burn some tyres :D

    ... then take a long break for lunch incl some nice wine and cheeses.
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  3. Pint or two of Carling Cider waiting on the bar if you did :D
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  4. They sure do deserve the pay rise they gave themselves.
  5. Because we will pay them £350,000,000 for every week that we stay in. That's why they don't want us to leave and now that our stupid Parliament has thrown out the only trump card we had, they'll be in no hurry to agree anything.
  6. Like you still believe that long discredited bus.
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  7. no but i would stick a head and boot in , more thsn one of them starting with boris and grove
  8. Can you imagine if they ran a company it wouldn’t last a minute
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  9. Two jabs :D.
  10. Assaulting the mentally disabled isn't very nice, Baz.
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  11. A lot of them do
  12. Westminster pantomime this year:
    Wizard of Oz
    As Dorothy, trying really hard to bring it home by shutting her eyes tight and clicking those fancy shoes:

    As the Lion, with no roar:

    As the Tin Man, with no heart:
    Rees Mogg.

    As the Scarecrow with messy hair, and would have us believe he has no brain:

    As the yapping and pointless Toto:

    As the puffed up mirage of the Wizard:

    Suggestions for other bit players or alternatives to the above welcome ......
  13. About 25 years ago I was in that there London and almost walked into odious little runt and then Chancellor Norman Lamont. I've kicked myself every day since at missing such an opportunity.....
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  14. I genuinely think that if these 500 or so self serving arsewipes manage to get their way and over throw the brexit referendum that there will be mass civil unrest and violence. You watch them scurry back to their constituencies and hide behind their electric gates once they’ve done it. They’ll be out of London faster that you can say coup detat.

    Personally I’d like to see a few of them made an example of.
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  15. MY claim to fame in this area is that I VERY narrowly missed running over Ken Livingstone in Ladbroke Grove circa 1988, before he lost the plot.
    He was very gracious I have to say ...
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  16. You would only have to blow in his face and he would go over awkward git .
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  17. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    As a remain voter I should be grinning from ear to ear over this debacle, but in all honesty I am totally disgusted and embarrassed by the the whole shambolic mess. I would say ' let's get out regardless' now that the horrible Eurocrats have shown their true colours, but I can't trust this lot we have to run a yellow snow up in a brewery now they've shown their colours too.

    we're lycheeed! :(
  18. Which face, most of them have two!

    Love the pantomime, can’t wait for the next act.
  19. Hopeless
    And we the people will have to pay for all this in the end
    If it ever ends

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