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  1. Sorry it’s been ages since I answered. Apols

    Whilst I’m learning all the time i guess I’m a bit of a newbie so I’ve kind I’d handed bogey over to my “expert” who I do trust completely.

    We’ve put a bit more power in with some engine mods (see photos)..and replaced just about everything important.
    I’ve given bogey (i’ll take masking tape off! ) an prototype twist with prototype front badge and rear script etc
    Petrol heater going inside. Heated front windscreen. I’ve also broken every rule and put power steering in. Sorry everyone! But there’s a good reason for that
    Also lined ceiling of pop top as it was getting flaky - so seemed sensible to change canvas as roof needed to come off to do lining properly..
    A few other smaller mods too..

    He’s still at the docs but with me for chrimbo hopefully.

    Long new year weekend away with him and then he’ll hibernate till March I expect. Then the fun really starts. Long distance European “sabbatical” trip planned for spring/summer 2019.

    Can’t wait!

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  3. Lol.. is it wrong to say EB.. why does it change to “prototype” ?
    Sorry if I’ve broken the rules??!!
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  4. Sounds good!
    It’s a green thing!
  5. When mine was still registered in the UK it was WGT 289R, not far from yours.

    And yours is has a similar spec to my Westy - power steering, Type 4 engine, CSP Python exhaust, twin Weber’s, although I have the 2.0l engine out at the moment, 2,316cc going in.
  6. that’s interesting. I haven’t looked at all the paperwork yet but Bogey was imported from the states in 2016. It was never in Uk before that. So reg was given by Swansea at that time. Number is Close to yours!
  7. Sorry typo. 2014!
  8. It's ok, I've got an early, and a cross over project so I've got used to "prototype" and "crossdresser" coming up.
    I think late bay should become "ladyboy" for balance :)
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  9. I see you’re nr Lyon. One stop on sabbatical will be friends nr Nyons.. i’ll Give you a wave on the way past!

  10. Or if I’m pushing. I’ll just nod :thumbsup:
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  11. Mine would have been imported to the UK from Germany about 20 years ago and given an age-related registration number, I brought it to France in 2012 and it’s now on French plates.
    We spent some time in Nyons earlier this year, a lovely place and superb olives and olive oil. And a really good market, probably the best in the region. The campsite was just on the edge of town a short stroll away. http://www.campinglesclos.com Call in to see us on your way down.
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  12. I’ll keep it in mind :thumbsup:
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