Won't go into gear

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  1. It does from what I can feel. The bolt at clutch lever arm has no play and the pedal goes heavy after about 15-20mm of movement
  2. Engine off, select a gear, press clutch, start engine – what happens?
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  3. From what I've tried it starts fine then begins to stall as you lift clutch... As you'd expect I think. Will need to check again tomorrow though.
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  5. so it does engage gears when off and starts to stall on clutch going up but you cannot select the gear when engine is running? when you say the gearbox is from running bus, do you mean that you drove it or someone told you that? to me it sounds like gearbox problem, possibly broken idler bearing of even 1st gear seized on the pinion shaft seen few of those, drop me PM if you want it fixed.
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  6. There is a gear shim that sets correct the distance between 1/2 hub and pinion bearing to allow 1st gear freeplay, its always hammered resulting in no play in first gear that leads to gear slowly friction welding itself to pinion bearing, the shim is number 16 on the pic.

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  7. Maybe somehow it has two gear change sliders pulled out at the same time because the interlock has been messed with..

    Maybe could be like mine where there is a case of almost terminal wear..as @nobody has commented on before...
    Mine locks into 4th gear sometimes if you engine brake in 4th then brake to a standstill. This is either a cracked part or a bearing trying to leave the gearbox through the front.
    The workaround for me is to try to pull away in 4th gear and then pop it out of gear once the bus moves forwards a tiny bit, and the insides of the gearbox have reset themselves..
    Not yet done it pointing significantly uphill or I will be stuck, although I think I may have escaped by leaving the handbrake on amd feeling the slight dip of the back end.

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