Window winder mechanism

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  1. Any advice on changing winder mech never done it b4.
    Iv found bits on YouTube but not much. Can I leave the glass in?? I'm v woried about braking the glass..
  2. Basically, everything has to be stripped out of the door. Don’t worry about the glass - it won’t break.
  3. Leave the glass in, I hold the glass up with strong gaffa tape stuck to either side of the glass and looped over the top of the door frame with a bit of newspaper over the door frame so the gaffer tape doesn't stick to the paintwork.
  4. The main worry you should have is while you are fighting is that you scratch the glass.

    It does all go in again but on my JK 2010 doors you have to pull the inner part of the door away from the outer part in order to slide the quarter light bar past the winder mech.
  5. Well thanks for advice I got new one fitted not to bad realy but the new jk one has rounded cog all ready the top half of the window was a bit stiff but it wasn't going to fully close so not sure what went wrong. It's closed now but won't go bak up if I dundee it down ...
  6. If it's repro one, they don't last five minutes. Send it back.
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    /\ this. Repro window regulators are amongst the worst of the crappy aftermarket parts. Send it back so the suppliers get the message.
  8. ...and pee on it before returning. JK (and the rest) know they're sh1te, but they still keep selling them.
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  9. Il get on to jk next I could have done the same job with a bit of wood ...
    Where can I get a good quality one from??
  10. Best original secondhand, if you can find one.
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  11. Could try Megabug or FBI in Wales, if they're still going. Or Beetlelink, mebbe, from Grant's magic shed.
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    I usually get them from Megabug. Bit pricey but it's worth spending a bit more for something that actually works.. :thumbsup:
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  13. The ridiculous thing is, if they just got their supplier to beef up the drive cog, they'd be fine.
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  14. Which side ??
    I've some in the for sale section .
    The pair of original ones have gone but still have one left but dunno which side until I get to the lockup...

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    Ive got lots of decent original ones for either side if you still need one. cheers
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  16. I need a rhd drivers side (off side). The other side is ok as it gets a lot less use.
    Jk hav agreed to take the other back so il get it off and bak to them and just support the window up with wood until I can get another.
  17. Off side 79 bay rhd drivers door.
  18. Off side 79 rhd bay drivers door.
  19. I have an original one .its the drivers door left side .usa etc ,,,So it’s the off side of the uk one , if that makes sense
  20. Schofields have second hand & NOS winder mechanisms in stock.

    Just fitted a NOS item from them a couple of weeks ago.
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